The Italian Pavilion at the 2021 Architecture Biennale: the preview video presentation

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Last year the Architecture Biennale 2021 scheduled in Venice has been postponed due to the pandemic. It was supposed to take place from 29 August to 29 November 2020, but has been postponed to 2021. Here are the new dates: from Saturday 22 May to Sunday 21 November. The review, which is titled “How will we live together?” (“How will we live together?”, ed) and is edited by Hasim Sarkis |, rethink the individual and the planet (here the article by Pierluigi Panza, published in Corriere on 28 February 2020).

“Today political polarization, the climate problem, social inequalities are the questions to be questioned on different scales, from the body to the planet,” said Sarkis presenting the Biennale. Participants in his exhibition will be 114 from 46 countries, with more women and a lot of Africa, Latin America and Asia. Then there are the 63 National pavilions (Grenada, Iraq and Uzbekistan for the first time). The Italian Pavilion, promoted by the Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities and for Tourism, is managed by Alessandro Melis.

From today 1 January 2021 the official website of the Italian Pavilion “Comunità Resilienti” is online (click here to see it) and what you can see above is the preview in the presentation video of the Pavilion.

The exhibition will address the issue of climate change and the challenges they pose the world of architecture. In a space with cyber tones, a community of co-curators will guide visitors on a futuristic journey, under the banner of inclusion, diversity and interdisciplinary research. Like the genome and the human brain, the Italian Pavilion will be one jungle inhabited by strange creatures able to give concrete answers to today’s emergencies.


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