The Italian university in the world ‘top 5’ for research on Covid 19

AGI – Italian universities in the World ‘top 5’ for scientific research relating to Covid. This is what emerges from the comparative analysis of the performance of world universities conducted by QS World University Rankings by Subject in 2021 on the performance of 452 study fields in 52 Italian universities.

‘Scopus’, the scientific database created by the Elsevier publishing house and used by QS to calculate the scientific research output of universities, recognizes Italy as one of the 5 best countries in the world for the production of scientific research on coronavirus: to be precise our country ranks fourth.

Before us, the US, China and the UK; after Italy, on the other hand, there is India.

Furthermore, among the “excellent results” those relating to the world of medicine also stand out, ranking our country in fifth place in the world.

I’m 2 Italian universities that rank among the top 100 for ‘Medicine’ studies: these are the University of Bologna (90th place, up 4 positions) and the University of Milan (95th place, down 12 places).

Ben Sowter, vice president of the Professional Services division at QS, applauds Italy’s commitment: “As one of the first nations to be exposed to the coronavirus – he underlines – Italy has been at the forefront of the research efforts that are enabling the humanity to understand, monitor, prevent and deal with this unique threat.

Italian universities – ranked fifth in the world for ‘Medicine’ – have demonstrated their knowledge by conducting valuable research studies on the sequencing of variants, collecting data, and developing vaccines ”.

Sowter continues: “The results achieved by Italy this year show that, in addition to offering world-class education in subjects historically present in university curricula – there is no better destination in continental Europe for students who are passionate about Studies. Classics – Italian universities have been able to masterfully face even the urgent contemporary challenges “.

Italy second in the world for classical studies

Italy ranks second as the best country to study ‘Classics & Ancient History’. The comparative analysis of the performance of world universities in 2021 shows that, in total, 8 of the 50 best institutions in the world for the study of classics and ancient history are Italian: Sapienza (in first place), University of Pisa (climbed from 28th to 18th place), University of Bologna (20th place), University of Naples Federico II (38th place).

Tor Vergata University of Rome (40th place, losing ground compared to 32nd place in 2020), Ca ‘Foscari University of Venice (42nd place), University of Milan (45th place, in 2020 it was 39th), Scuola Normale di Pisa (in ninth place in the standings, but in 2020 it was in eighth). Only the United States has more universities (12) in the ‘top 50’ in this matter.

The results indicate that the Italian higher education sector excels in particular in the disciplines ‘Arts and Humanities’ and ‘Social Sciences and Management’.

Italian universities have shown that they can offer students excellent courses in the discipline of ‘Political Science and International Affairs’. The European University Institute (in 40th place) and the Luiss Guido Carli University (in 48th place) reach the ‘top 50’, while the University of Bologna enters the ‘top 100’.

Based on the number of programs that rank among the top twenty in their respective disciplines, Italy ranks 12th as the best higher education system in the world. In Continental Europe it is only surpassed by Germany (with 17 programs in the top-20), the Netherlands (with 27 programs), and Switzerland (with 40 programs).

Among the other data it also emerges that the University of Bologna has climbed 5 positions, placing itself in 53rd place in the ‘Art & Humanities’ Faculty Area. And the Politecnico di Milano is in twentieth place for the ‘Engineering & Technology’ Faculty Area.

No Italian university for scientific topics in the ‘top 50’

In the world ranking of universities, the Italian ones do not make a good impression in terms of technological or scientific disciplines. In fact, no Italian university appears in the top 50 for Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Environmental Sciences and Mathematics.

Only one Italian institution is among the ‘top 50’ for ‘information technology’ and that is the Politecnico di Milano (44th place). This is what emerges in the eleventh edition of the QS World University Rankings by Subject.
The comparative analysis of the performance of world universities in 2021 tells that in the 51 rankings by subject drawn up by QS, the leading university in Italy is the Politecnico di Milano, with seven of its programs ranked among the best 50 in the world.

The spearheads of the Politecnico di Milano are ‘Art and Design’ (where the university wins fifth place), and ‘Architecture’ (tenth place). In total, 6 Italian departments reach the global ‘top 10’, 2 less than last year. The number of university programs that entered the ‘top 50’ in the ranking has instead increased compared to 2020 (now they are 32, before they were 31).

Ben Sowter, vice president of the Professional Services division at QS, points out that “the rankings highlighted areas – especially the” scientific output “and” reputation “indicators for Environmental Science, Information Technology and other subjects of growing international importance – that leaders higher education needs to improve to make sure universities are prepared to lead students – and society – into the future. ”

Bocconi is seventh in the world for Management

The Commercial University Luigi Bocconi is the seventh best university in the world for ‘Business & Management’ studies. Bocconi maintains the seventh place it had also in 2020.

In addition, it ranks 14th for ‘Accounting’ and Finance ‘, improving on last year when it was in 17th place.

The rankings, compiled by global higher education analysts QS Quacquarelli Symonds, explained in a note, provide independent benchmarking on the performance of 13,883 individual undergraduate programs from 1440 universities across 51 academic disciplines and 5 Faculty Areas.

The QS World University Rankings by Subject are part of the QS World University Rankings annual portfolio – consulted over 147 million times in 2020 and covered 98,000 times by media and institutions.



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