The Italians are getting poorer but politics are in hiding

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The Italians no longer have to live. The fault of the crisis, the fault of the pandemic and above all the fault of a poor political class that for decades has not been able to intercept or concretely solve the problems of Italians. It is easy to always point the finger at someone else, a favorite sport of the Italian left, what is difficult is to take responsibility and do something to change the situation. The new prime minister Mario Draghi is making us hope for a “change of pace” that can save our country. We are at the last resort.

This is demonstrated by the data published just a few days ago by the Bank of Italy. The extraordinary investigation into families during the pandemic, which involved over 2,000 households, highlighted a brutal situation. We are in the midst of a real economic catastrophe and we are still waiting for politics to realize it. The step from economic to social catastrophe is very short and uncertainty is leading to increasingly deep-seated discontent. Nearly 40% of tenants and over 30% of indebted households said they had difficulty in paying the rent or loan installments. A third of families also reported having suffered a reduction in income in 2020 and among these, only 20% imagine a recovery for 2021. To cope with the situation, Italians said they have significantly reduced purchases of goods food and clothing in early 2021. Almost half of households that cut spending said they want to buy lower-quality goods, while three-quarters plan to change the quantity.

The analysis still shows that over half of the Italian population lives in families that declare that they do not have sufficient financial resources to maintain a minimum standard of living for at least three months in the absence of income, in line with what was found in the spring. More than a fifth of individuals are in this condition and at the same time suffered a decline in family income in 2020. The percentage of people who have lost hope increases by 9%.

More and more Italians are expecting a clear worsening of the economic situation and the prospects are more negative for the self-employed and the unemployed. Over a fifth of fixed-term household heads and a tenth of self-employed people believe that the probability of losing their job in the next twelve months is greater than 50%, while among the unemployed, only just over 10% expect there to be a probability more than 75% to find a new job within a year.

What will happen when the freeze on layoffs expires? By how much will these already dramatic figures increase? It was announced by the Minister of Labor Andrea Orlando that the blockade will end on June 30 for large companies “that have social safety nets”, while for other companies the deadline is October 31 “also due to a reform that we are bringing forward and will have to extend these tools to smaller companies and to areas of work that are not covered by these tools. The only opening in this dramatic situation is the sentence with which the Constitutional Court rejected the reform of article 18 contained in the Fornero law of 2021, defining it as “unconstitutional”.

Now given that the economic and social situation is deteriorating more and more day by day, what does this political class really intend to do, I am talking about concrete projects, to be able to reverse this catastrophic trend? But whether or not the politicians realize that the situation is getting out of hand and if it were to worsen it would lead to serious problems of public order. Perhaps few have yet realized that more and more people are losing their jobs every day.

And it is these people, who no longer see a present but above all a future for themselves but above all for their closest loved ones, who will begin to harbor anger and frustration. A mix that will soon become explosive. Imagine when we reach a few million people in this condition that will become a social bomb. It is time for someone to move and start studying serious strategies, which will materialize within a few months, to stop this social economic hemorrhage that will soon turn into serious problems of public order. It is much more dangerous to exasperate an honest and respectable person, who would only like to work honestly and keep his dignity intact and who is abandoned by those who should defend his rights, than the left-wing bandits of the social centers we see destroying shops. , set fire to cars and beat up the police during demonstrations.

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