the journalist McCammond will not become the director of Teen Vogue-

Alexi McCammond, 27, was a rising star of American journalism: she made herself known by following for the site Axios Joe Biden’s election campaign. But in the last month she has made headlines for two controversies that cost the job first to her boyfriend and then to her. In February, her fiancé, TJ Ducklo, was forced to leave his post as Biden’s deputy spokesperson after threatening another reporter to “destroy” her if she revealed her relationship with McCammond (and possible conflict of interest).

Then on March 5 McCammond was hired to lead Teen Vogue: she would be the third black woman to head the teen magazine, it seemed like a winning choice for a company looking for “diversity” (after Black Lives Matter protests, Anna Wintour, who became global director of Vogue, apologized for not giving enough space to “black creatives”). But an editor of another publication shared on social media the photos of some tweets written by McCammond at the age of 17-18, which contained derogatory stereotypes about Asian-Americans (about the “stupid Asian professor” who gave her a bad vote; on how not to wake up in the morning with “Asian swollen eyes”).

Employee protests and loss in advertising

McCammond had already apologized for those tweets in 2019, deleted them, and talked about them with the top management at Condé Nast – including CEO Roger Lynch and Wintour. Meanwhile, old tweets have also emerged in which McCammond used the terms “gay” and “homo” as insults and about twenty employees of Teen Vogue they protested, writing – even before the killing of six Asian women in Atlanta – that America is experiencing “a moment of very high violence against Asians and battles of the LGBTQ community”. The reporter responded with a long message calling “homophobic and racist tweets unacceptable at any time in my life” and acknowledging that the Asian community has often been ignored in the racism debate. But he ultimately lost his job after Ulta Beauty, a cosmetics company that – writes on Daily Beast – spends at least a million on advertising on Teen Vogue (and has been involved in racist allegations in the past) announced the suspension of the contract, claiming to believe in “diversity”.

The satisfaction of the right

The right does not hide the satisfaction for the story: for Mike Cernovich, defined by New Yorker “The mind of the alt-right memes”, this is the story of a “warrior of the cancel culture“(McCammond had accused ex-convict Charles Barkley for telling her” I don’t hit women, but if I did I would hit you “) that” he forgot to delete his racist tweets. ” The right-wing sites also enjoyed digging up a photo of her dressing up as a Native American on Halloween.


But even on the left there are those who note that McCammond had repeatedly apologized for the mistakes he made as a teenager and that the persistence in demanding the worst punishment for any mistake does not help to change the mentality. Among them the gay writer Amy Siskind: «I forgive you for homophobic tweets. Remember that the majority of this country was against gay marriage up to ten years ago. People make mistakes, they grow, they change. There must be room to do it ».

March 19, 2021 (change March 19, 2021 | 9:07 pm)

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