The journey begins in the first trailer for The Last of Us TV series

The journey begins in the first trailer for The Last of Us TV series

The television adaptation of the video game “The Last of Us” Reveals the first trailer, which arrives exactly on the date of September 26 – the day when the dangerous virus broke out in the gaming world.

Like the game, the series will follow Joel (Pedro Pascal, “The Mandalorian”), a smuggler who survived the deadly virus that wiped out most of humanity. Goel embarks on a journey through the post-apocalyptic USA, in order to bring the young girl to me (Bella Ramsay“Game of Thrones”) to a lab that can test her virus-immune blood, hoping to save what’s left of humanity.

In their journey, the two will encounter not only other survivors who degenerate into a life of threatening crime in order to continue living, but also humans who have been infected by a virus and turned into man-eating zombies. During the journey, the two will bond and develop a father-daughter relationship that will make the task much more difficult and personal – but will also help them survive together at any cost.

The first trailer mainly reveals the visual landscapes that the pair will reach during the cross-country journey. From abandoned roads, through snowy mountains and cities infested with zombies. Joel and Ellie are left alone and driven on their journey by the possibility of redemption and the desire to save each other, as that is all they have now.

Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsay from “The Last of Us” (Courtesy of HBO)

Some of the scenes seem copied from the game, which suggests to us that the creators intend to stay faithful to the original.

The HBO network is of course aware of the love for the popular game, and announced in advance that the series was created for the existing fan base, as well as those who have not yet discovered the complex story of the series.

Among other things, we see Eli on the carousel, the duo fleeing the isolated area, and the collapsing towers that the two are forced to cross.

The series comes from the creator of Craig Mazin, the screenwriter of the series “Chernobyl”and the gaming company Naughty Dog, which took an active part in the production of the series together with the Sony PlayStation production company.

The cast also joins Gabriel Luna (“Agents of S.Y.L.D.”), Nick Offerman (“Gardens and Landscape Department”), Melanie Lynskey (“yellows”), Murray Bartlett (“White Lotus”), Geoffrey Pierce (“Bush”) andAnna Torv (“Fringe”).

The series is expected to arrive on the HBO Max streaming platform during 2023.

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