The joy throughout Italy for the success of the Azzurri after 53 years

AGI – There is a big party from north to south for a cup, that of the Europeans, which had been missing since 1968, when Italy won against Yugoslavia. Thousands of people poured into the Italian squares after the victory on penalties against England in the Wembley temple.

In Piazza del Popolo, the heart of the capital, there is an exultation with colored smoke bombs, hugs and shouts. The feat of Roberto Mancini’s national team kept the fans glued to the screens until the last penalty kick e now we will live on a night of celebration.

From the stage of the ‘fan zone’ the DJs who animated the dead times of the match are now “pumping” the square with techno music, while many people wave the tricolor, which has now turned into an open-air disco. Similar situation in Milan. Piazza del Duomo is full, where thousands of Milanese flocked to celebrate the victory of the national team.

Despite the barriers, the monument to Vittorio Emanuele II was stormed by hundreds of young people who climbed it. Here too, as in Rome, the blue triumph is celebrated with smoke bombs, fireworks, the waving of tricolor flags and choirs. In the streets of the center the traffic is haywire due to the carousels while the streets are crossed by a river of people trying to reach the square.

A blue tinted film that is repeated in Turin: thousands of people took to the streets to celebrate the victory. Here, too, fireworks, carousels and tricolors are filling the streets of the center and the squares of the city.

In recent days, as throughout the country, the authorities had recommended celebrating the eventual success by respecting anti-Covid regulations. Mirror feast also in Bologna, under the two Towers, between the streets of the center and on the ring roads, where joy seems irrepressible.

From Piacenza to Rimini, celebrations go crazy in all the cities of the region. Piazza De Ferrari, in the center of Genoa, exploded with joy for the Azzurri’s victory. People in the street with flags, trumpets, choirs, smoke bombs and firecrackers. More than 5 thousand people in the square, concentrated around the extinguished and emptied fountain for the occasion.

After a tense start, with the presence of Police and Carabinieri in riot gear, the party finally prevailed. Fans gone crazy in the center of Palermo. Tricolor flags, trumpets and faces colored green, white and red in Piazza Politeama. In the heart of the center of the Sicilian capital the Palermitans pour into the street, immediately after the last penalty saved by Donnarumma who hands the European Championship to the Azzurri.



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