The key to a bold smile. Everything you need to know when installing veneers

The key to a bold smile.  Everything you need to know when installing veneers

The installation of veneers, which has recently become widespread in aesthetic dentistry, causes many people to have conflicting opinions and questions, but it must be admitted that the demand for veneers does not suffer from this.

Among the frequently asked questions to the dentist are:

Is it? painful? is veneers installation

With proper and careful work, installation is painless.

Hurt? are the veneers teeth the enamel

The enamel is polished to some extent, but as a rule both the edges and the entire surface of the veneer should preferably be finished level with the enamel.

Compulsory? is whether veneers of preparation time remove tooth the nerve

Nerve removal is optional. If the primary tooth is not tilted at a large angle and orthopedic treatment will not be included, then scaling is not performed.

how much long are serves the veneers

Veneers with modern solutions last quite a long time. They are adhesive structures, and if occlusion problems do not arise, the patient uses and cares correctly, follows the instructions given by the doctor, then he will not have a problem for a long time.

can is hard food accept

The intake of solid food is not prohibited, but it should be remembered that it is not indicated. Care should also be taken when biting and chewing the lavash, as it can separate the surface layer from the base layer. In these cases, it is necessary to avoid making a disconnection movement, which can tear the veneer under the influence of vertical force.

Are there any? veneers installation contraindications

It is not advisable to cover the tooth with a veneer if the affected area is large and if there are discolored teeth. veneer is a very thin and transparent layer that often fails to cover the dark color of the base.

V:the inirs pindignation? are whether of food the taste

Veneers cannot change the taste of food, this is just a common myth.

What care do veneers require?

Veneers are cleaned in the same way as teeth. We clean the interdental spaces with floss, if the spaces are large, with interdental brushes and usually with a small abrasive toothpaste and a brush.

Possible is come on install only one tooth on

Such an approach to placing a veneer is also possible, just that the specialist who performs the work must be highly skilled and able to reproduce the color of the neighboring teeth.

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