The keys to the negotiation between Sporting and Yáñez: from bringing positions closer to a two-year basis, to caution on a weekend with news

The keys to the negotiation between Sporting and Yáñez: from bringing positions closer to a two-year basis, to caution on a weekend with news

2023-06-03 04:15:00

Sporting and Rubén Yáñez approach positions in an operation that continues without closing. The interest of the Gijón team in turning the goalkeeper into the first signing of the next season lives key hours to be able to materialize. Sources close to the negotiation consulted by LA NUEVA ESPAÑA see the rojiblanco team as the best placed to be able to close the agreement. The basis of the contract on which they work is until 2025 and the Catalan goalkeeper would be one of the players on whom the start of the renewal of a squad that will have at least a dozen new faces next season will be supported. Leganés is also pressing in the last hours to try to convince the footballer, free after ending his relationship with the recently relegated Málaga. There is progress, but also caution.

Jeraldino, during his presentation with Sporting. | john square

Gerardo García’s trip to Malaga to explain the Sporting project to Rubén Yáñez, together with the economic and sporting proposal of the Gijón team, have brought the positions closer so that the goalkeeper can finish the next season at El Molinón. The club and the player, who asked for some time to reflect on his decision after his meeting with Sporting’s sports management director, continued to negotiate yesterday. The intention was to be able to give a definitive answer throughout the day. At the moment, there is no definitive position. The sensations around the negotiation, changing. It is expected the

Sporting’s interest in Yáñez was revealed exclusively by LA NUEVA ESPAÑA, together with the study of other profiles such as Axel Werner, from Elche. Yáñez is the main bet of the rojiblanco team, in the same way that Leganés, who will also reinforce their goal this summer, is playing their tricks to try to unblock the situation and convince him to play in Butarque. In the last hours, even Zaragoza counter-offered. News is expected throughout the weekend.

The one who already has his continuity at Sporting tied up is Jeraldino. The Chilean striker has accepted a salary reduction to continue in Gijón. He will do so in exchange for a three-season contract, as LA NUEVA ESPAÑA advanced. The agreement is only pending to finish documenting. The coaching staff is confident in bringing out the best version of the attacker, who arrived last winter on loan from Santos Laguna, another of Orlegi’s clubs. He has not yet been able to debut his scoring account. Jeraldino participated in eight games in his first campaign as a rojiblanco, five of them as a starter. The Chilean’s continuity is added to that of Jordan Carrillo as the only ones on loan from last year who, for the moment, will repeat another year at the club.

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