THE KING OF FIGHTERS ARENA, a new fighter game from Netmarble. Pre-registration is open today!

Netmarble launches THE KING OF FIGHTERS ARENA, available for pre-registration today on both iOS and Android.

In addition to opening pre-registration Get ready to meet various exclusive rewards for a limited time that will be available to players when the game launches, such as a collection of fighter images and a collection of fighter backgrounds. To decorate and show off the player’s strongest fighter representative. Including special titles and title badges, a limited version that fighter fans should not miss!

The pre-registration page via the official website will take fans to a detailed overview of the gameplay of THE KING OF FIGHTERS ARENA and introduce various skills in the battle of the fighters. 37 in-game fighter video clips will be posted each week in the lead up to the game’s launch. Plus, all fighters are free to play. Players will be able to follow and decide which strong fighter to play in order to be crowned champion! The game’s roadmap details have also been updated for fans to follow and look forward to the roster to experience and grow THE KING OF FIGHTERS ARENA through a variety of exclusive collaborations and events.

The KING OF FIGHTERS ARENA will also feature blockchain technology within the game. Fans can view and learn more about THE KING OF FIGHTERS ARENA’s blockchain ecosystem in the Pre-registration Whitepaper on the official website. It contains details about FCT tokens, blockchain ecosystem data, and in-game NFT. Players will also be able to earn Fight Money (FM), the in-game currency, by installing a battle controller. Can be traded with Fighters’ Club Token (FCT) for additional blockchain transactions. also a variety ‘Card Fighter’ will also be available through the game’s NFT Marketplace!

THE KING OF FIGHTERS ARENA will be available on Google Play, App Store as well as PC version. Players will experience fast and exciting PVP battles around the world in environments optimized through Stability is managed by netmarble. The game supports English, Chinese, Indonesian, Thai, Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese, Russian, German and many other languages.


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