The Kremlin ruled out the deployment of offensive weapons in Ukraine

Russia excludes for itself the deployment of offensive weapons in Ukraine, said the press secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov in an interview with Ekho Moskvy. Earlier, CNN posted a fragment of an interview in which he allegedly did not deny these plans.

“We cannot rule out that our partners (the US and NATO) may deploy offensive weapons on the territory of Ukraine. For our part, we rule out the deployment of offensive weapons there. That is why we demand legally secured guarantees,” the radio station’s editor-in-chief Alexei Venediktov quotes a Kremlin representative in his Telegram channel.

Meanwhile, in an interview with an American TV channel, which will air today, Peskov allowed the deployment of weapons in Ukraine, Bloomberg reported. “We will not say that we will not deploy any offensive weapons on the territory of Ukraine,” the article says.

Later, when asked by RIA Novosti about Russia’s respective plans for an offensive, Peskov replied that “these are their words” and advised “look at the context.”

The situation on the border between Russia and Ukraine is too tense, so the Russian side wants to get a concrete answer to its proposals for security guarantees, Peskov also noted in an interview with CNN.

“We insist on resolving the situation, on resolving the problem. We have too much tension at the border. We have too much tension in this part of Europe. This automatically creates many problems, which is extremely dangerous for our continent,” Peskov said.

On January 10, in Geneva, the Russian and American delegations discussed security guarantees. In addition, a meeting of the Russia-NATO Council was held on January 12, and a meeting of the OSCE Permanent Council was held in Vienna on January 13. The main requirement of the Russian Federation was the refusal to expand NATO to the east, including the refusal to accept Ukraine into the alliance, as well as the imposition of restrictions on the deployment of offensive weapons near Russian borders.



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