The lack of experience hurt the Israeli national team in the stumble against Kosovo

The lack of experience hurt the Israeli national team in the stumble against Kosovo

The Israeli national team will host Switzerland tomorrow (Tuesday, 9:45 p.m.), when the home team will take the field from a priority position. The results achieved by both in the first round of the pre-European Championship are clear proof of this.

Our team was disappointed on Saturday night, in a 1:1 draw against Kosovo, and despite the goal it scored, it is evident that it lacks the “finishing leg”. In this I do not discover America. On the one hand, I enjoyed seeing some young people wearing the national uniform. On the other hand, it was evident that Israel does not have enough experienced players in the attack. The team’s game did not flow, and there were ups and downs, especially towards the end. Fortunately, in the very last minute, the Kosovo striker missed a safe goal from a distance of three meters, and our team survived a loss and secured the first point in the campaign.

I mention this because tomorrow in Switzerland Israel may pay dearly in the minutes when it will not be at its best. The local team demonstrated its firepower in its 0:5 victory over Belarus, hence our need to stay alert throughout the entire 90 minutes plus extra time. It is very easy to write this and talk about it, but my professional duty is to emphasize it. After all, it is clear to everyone that Switzerland’s defense will keep a close eye on the Israeli star Menor Solomon, and it was enough to see the goals he scored in Fulham’s uniform to understand how they defend against his actions. However, I trust Manor whose arsenal of performances is diverse, and above all I trust his game intelligence, which characterizes great football players.

In reference to Solomon, there is no meaning of a thing on which alone anything will rise or fall. And if we continue, it will be only natural for Israel to know how to close ranks, not in a bunker, but as someone who is also trying to attack, and not by stealth, the defense of Switzerland. Be it a task that requires physical and mental effort, however, those who dream of the European Championship must show that they deserve to reach it.

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And a few sentences about Beavers Natcho, who parted ways with the Israeli national team after a long and successful career. I would put him in at least a full half, and for me he would even start in the lineup. This is the proper way to honor a player who has contributed his ability for many years to the Israel national team.

Natcho is fit to play in the media of Partizan Belgrade, in the Serbian league, and there was no reason for him to participate in the game against the Kosovo team only from the 87th minute. Nothing would have been taken away from our team if Natcho had played more. He is not a player who has finished football, and therefore, as mentioned, he should have played much more so that he could have a real impact on the game. I didn’t understand what was behind the idea of ​​putting him on the field in the last three minutes.

In conclusion, I will add and say that in this article I only referred to the players on the roster, and as you know, as always, the responsibility lies with those who select them.


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