The lack of stock and the price trigger the sale of second-hand motorcycles

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For every motorcycle that is bought new, two and a half second-hand motorcycles are sold, and in the last year, the market for this type of vehicle has grown by 25% in Spain. A demand encouraged by the price, the lack of stock or the long delay in getting the new model they wanted. And it is that, the lack and the increase in the price of raw materials, components and fundamental electronic chips for the manufacture of motorcycles, are causing an increase in both the prices of the vehicles, as well as the manufacturing time, and causing the sale of eight of every ten second-hand motorcycles.

Moreover, the multitude of offers on the market (9%), the use that we are going to give it (6%), being able to try one with special characteristics (3%) are other reasons for the Spanish to get one. used motorcycle.

But whatever the reason for buying a second-hand motorcycle, a series of aspects must be taken into account, the AMV experts have compiled a series of advice so that we acquire the one that best suits to our needs:

Analyze what we need: It is not the same to use it to go on the road traveling constantly, to go to work or simply to make a getaway. In addition, we can be tempted to buy one with a large displacement and that we will not need later, we must bear in mind that, in general, the greater the power, the more we will pay for insurance. Therefore, if we are going to use it for all kinds of trips and especially around the city center, with a scooter, preferably a 250 cc one, we will have more than enough.

Inform us about ita: Characteristics, spare parts, reliability, problems that it usually has, maintenance cost, most frequent breakdowns… The Internet is the best place to obtain all the information we need to know, since there are many forums, specialized pages or owners’ clubs whom we can turn to to inform us before buying it.

Choose the best seller: If we opt for an individual, we will have the advantage that we will be able to negotiate its price with greater flexibility, but we will have to request to test the motorcycle, and it is very important that its condition and mileage are reviewed by an expert mechanic. If we go to a motorcycle dealer or store, we will find a greater offer, guarantee and discount option, but the transaction will be more expensive.

Check the general condition of the vehicle: It is essential to check the general condition of the motorcycle in person since many times the photos can be deceiving. The best thing is that we do it during the day and we can start it and go for a spin in it. Do not forget to check the starter, fairing, seat, chassis, screens, rust, tires, lights, brakes… You will also have to check the number of kilometers of the vehicle, however, you must be careful since the tachometer can be easily manipulated. And in case we are determined, have a mechanic do a deeper review. Likewise, it is advisable to avoid buying motorcycles that have been stopped for a long time, since it is easier to change parts, tires, rubber bands or hoses. But if we are fond of repairs or restoration, perhaps we can get a good price from the seller for it, taking into account the state and the subsequent investment that must be made. Finally, we must make sure that all the elements are original or approved. And in case there have been modifications, that these are included in the vehicle’s technical data sheet.

Make sure everything is in order: We must request a complete report from the DGT with its history and an informative note from the Movable Property Registry to be sure that all payments are up to date. In this way we will also verify that it is not a repossessed motorcycle and if it has paid the Circulation Tax, identification of the owner, municipality where the motorcycle is domiciled, mileage, number of owners or possible pending fines. It is also important that the ITV has passed, as recently as possible, because, in addition to being a ‘guarantee’ that it should work correctly, the law does not allow the change of ownership if it has not passed. The complete report will also give us the history of the ITV. In addition, the vehicle must also have a circulation permit, which we must change to our name as soon as possible, so as not to have problems in the event of an accident, and valid motorcycle insurance.

Formalize the contract of sale: If we reach an agreement with the seller, it will be necessary to formalize a contract of sale, in which he proves that he is the owner of the motorcycle. We will not have to make any financial outlay in advance. The normal thing is that the delivery of the motorcycle and the payment are simultaneous and that they give us an invoice for said concept. In the event that we acquire the motorcycle in an establishment, we must make sure that they give us a one-year guarantee and that this is reflected in a document. And if we want to save time and paperwork, even if it tells us a little more, let’s delegate the procedures for changing ownership of the motorcycle to the professionals of an agency.

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