The land in compliments to Jacob Bardugo? “Save his journalistic dignity”

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Jacob Bardugo (Photo by Jonathan Zindel Flash 90)

Under the headline “Then, among all the licks, Bardugo’s roar was heard”, Haaretz Pargan actually made the premiere of the Channel 14 commentator, which opened its broadcasts on the new channel last night (Sunday) after the switch from Channel 20.

Uri Talshir’s critique reads: “Let’s open it – Benjamin Netanyahu is undecided about continuing his path in Israeli politics,” shouted Shimon Riklin, as if dropping a bomb that would mark the end of humanity. Jacob Bardugo replied without blinking: “I do not know about it, and it does not interest me. I will repeat it several times – the country is larger than the total components of the coalition and the opposition.” Hops, silence hit the panel. The six sitting next to Bardugo in the news studio looked at him, but did not seem to have mobilized enough forces to return fire. “They looked like they had been bitten by a donut, encountered a filling they did not expect and then suffocated and neutralized.”

Channel 14 aired in honor of the eve of the re-launch and pumped up an interview with the former prime minister as the coveted commodity of the broadcaster, but last night was actually Bardugo’s big time. From his seat at the end of the main edition panel, he left those sitting next to him speechless. His words were sharp, matter-of-fact and balanced. Without Netanyahu’s hatred on the one hand, but also without glorifying him on the other. This morning, the network must have been flooded with insights from the same interview conducted by Yinon Magal and Erel Segal with the chairman of the opposition, but it was a tedious 30 minutes in which Netanyahu recited the messages that even he is already bored with. ”

“This chatter dragged on for half an hour. After that, the wet licking show in the studio continued, but for Bardugo it took five minutes to stand out and rise. Like a sickle or a golden gift. As a GLC man, Bardugo symbolized in the eyes of many the low place to which the military station had deteriorated. “For an entire panel without sounding like a particular troll. But while the rest of those present were worshiping Netanyahu and promoting their programs on the new channel, Bardugo remained attentive and focused.

As everyone in the studio lamented the coup, Bardugo roared: “The country is also big on enacting these undemocratic laws. “Let Netanyahu know that he is the one who caused this legislation, and the whole group that was around him and enacted this abominable and anti-democratic alternative law.” , But Bardugo’s swing could not be stopped. “Do not give it concessions!” But they changed the Basic Law: the government from here to the world forever. What did they think, that it would not turn on them? “.

In his sharp words, Bardugo ruined the party but saved the broadcast dignity of the broadcaster. His employers and colleagues at the new channel simply wanted to make Netanyahu feel comfortable, but Bardugo stuck a knife in there and blew up the idyll. Surrounded by a cadre of cockroaches who continue to call Netanyahu prime minister, Bardugo simply could not bear the deception. As long as he is true to himself and continues to wipe the licks with bits of truth, there is good reason to fiddle with Channel 14.

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    In my opinion, Golden will replace Boaz Golan, the radish that does not pass the screen. (LT)





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