The largest passenger plane in the world will land in Israel for the first time

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The world’s largest commercial aircraft will land for the first time at Ben Gurion Airport: Emirates of the United Arab Emirates announced today (Thursday) that it will make its maiden flight to Tel Aviv, on December 6, on its flagship aircraft – the Airbus A380, which is the largest commercial aircraft in the world. The double-decker aircraft will be the first to land in Israel on a one-time flight to mark the company’s debut flight to Israel.

The plane will take off on December 6 at 14:00 on a flight numbered 931 EK and will land at Ben-Gurion Airport at 15:35 Israel time. The return flight, 932 EK, will depart from Tel Aviv at 19:25 and land in Dubai at 00:25 (local time) the next day.

History: The flight that took off from Israel landed in the UAE, Archive // ​​Photo: Ariel Kahana

The A380 consists of four classes including 484 seats, of which 14 are private suites in first class, 76 mini-cabins with reclining seats in business class, 56 spacious seats in premium economy class and 338 seats and economy class offering comfortable seats.

View photos from the spectacular plane:

Economy Department, Photo: PR Emirates
Spacious seats, Photo: PR Emirates
The largest passenger plane in the world, Photo: PR Emirates
Private Suite, Photo: PR Emirates
Economy Department, Photo: PR Emirates
Airbus A380 aircraft, Photo: PR Emirates

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