“The last few days were quite stressful,” breathes Rudi Völler

“The last few days were quite stressful,” breathes Rudi Völler

2023-09-13 00:25:03

The German coach and one of the two scorers, Thomas Müller, looks back on the success against France on Tuesday, in Dortmund, in a friendly.

Rudi Völler (Germany interim coach, after the 2-1 victory against France ) : «It is not the result that matters but our production. The last few days were quite stressful for me, with the dismissal of Hansi Flick but I was in contact with him and he congratulated me. My wish now would be that during the next international period we can introduce you to the next German coach. I’m not going to name you. What is important is that it is someone who speaks German but I don’t want to speculate. (About Thomas Muller) In such a match, with a lot of pressure, Thomas was the ideal player and a great guy who commands, knows the other players, knows how to motivate them with his character.» (in press conference)

Thomas Müller (Germany forward) : «It was clear to us that we were going to have to run a lot. France is a team that gives the impression that we can play with them, they sometimes give the ball to the opponent. Our quick opening score did us good. We knew we would have a lot to do. This negative series wasn’t easy for us, the separation at the end of the week with Hansi Flick was a crazy situation. We must also congratulate Rudi Völler, Hannes Wolf and Sandro Wagner. We managed to implement on the ground (what they suggested). We were rewarded at the right times. It’s nice when we win against France. But we must not overvalue this match, we still have a long road ahead of us. It was a little moment of emotional release.» (on German television ARD)

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