The latest madness: citizenship income and 500 euros

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Committed to carrying out the vaccination campaign in Campania, the one he defines “the first region of Italy for anti-Covid results”, the governor Vincenzo De Luca he now finds himself having to face another very important issue: that of the shortage of seasonal workers, according to him due to citizenship income.

The tireless president of Campania, the man of drastic decisions and of “we moved regardless of what they said in Rome otherwise we will still be doing demagogy and propaganda”, must now counteract the unstoppable bleeding of seasonal labor, more necessary than ever in the tourism sector with the arrival of summer.

The crusade against citizenship income

What causes the shortage of job applications? From the grillino workhorse, that is the Basic income. Already during the press conference last week, the governor had targeted the subsidy, sparking grumbles and protests. “It has been confirmed to me that some businesses will not open even when it is allowed because, for example, there are no more waiters for bars and restaurants. For seasonal businesses, there are no more staff. they were seasonal. It is one of the paradoxical results of the introduction of the citizenship income “, had attacked Vincenzo De Luca. “If you give me 700 euros a month and I go to do some double work, I have no interest in getting up at 6 in the morning to go to work in an agricultural processing industry”.

It’s still: “Sometimes there are people who take the citizenship income and go to work illegally. Anomalies have been created, as always in Italy, which end up damaging the economy of our country. We have a duty to guarantee income for poor people and those who cannot, but we must guarantee family income and we must avoid paradox to get to the point of no longer having seasonal workers “.

Heavy words, those of the governor, which had caused a real storm, also considering the fact that Campania is the region where the highest incidence of pentastellato income earners is recorded.

De Luca’s proposal

In his conference today, President De Luca tried to remedy this by putting forward a singular proposal to say the least. Add to citizenship income 500 euro extra per month to encourage seasonal workers to come forward. “Since there are no seasonal workers, without making anyone lose their citizenship income or shock absorbers, companies can give 500 euros a month in addition to the income, so a young person can add another 500 to the 750. So, 1,200 a month it seems to me a dignified thing “, is the idea of ​​De Luca.

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There is difficulty in finding seasonal labor on farms, tomato processing companies but also in hotels and restaurants because those who receive the income are no longer available and maybe even go to illegal work in order not to lose it.“, he added. “I agree to give an income to those who do not have bread but I do not agree to tolerate degeneration, speculation and parasitism. If it is necessary to give a bonus also for transport it can be given and it could be added that they refuse 2-3 proposals you lose your income, so you also do work of moralization“, he concluded.

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