the launch of the first Spanish rocket today

the launch of the first Spanish rocket today

2023-05-31 05:33:45

Live the inaugural launch of the 100% Spanish space rocket Miura 1, from the company based in Elche (Alicante) PLD Space. A test designed to demonstrate that the first Spanish launcher is capable of reaching 150 kilometers in height, the height at which Low Earth Orbit (LEO) begins, where most of the satellites that support us from beyond our land border. The launch has a launch window that goes from 6:10 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. on Wednesday morning, although the company plans to take off at 6:30 a.m.


The first demo of a larger project

As explained by PLD Space, “the objective of this first flight of the MIURA 1 SN1 technological demonstrator will consist of gathering the greatest volume of information possible to continue validating a large part of the design and the technology and processes that will later be transferred and integrated into the development of MIURA 5”.


The story behind the Miura 1

Raúl Verdú (35 years old) and Raúl Torres (36 years old) met while they were studying at the Miguel Hernández University, in Elche (Alicante). They soon discovered that they had much more in common than where they studied: they were passionate about rockets.

So much so that they decided to join forces to create their own from scratch. This is how PLD Space was born, a company that seeks to make history by becoming the first Spanish (and European) company that has the capacity to send satellites into space.

Read the rest of the story in this report by Patricia Biosca.


Where will the Miura 1 fall?

After reaching 150 kilometers in height, the rocket will drop into the Atlantic, simulating reentry conditions as if it were a reusable rocket supported by a primary parachute, which will take it over the Atlantic Ocean. The PLD Space team will pick you up minutes after splashdown is complete.


The objective of the Miura 1

This suborbital flight will allow the ZARM Research Institute to study microgravity conditions by collecting information necessary to perform scientific experiments in future suborbital flights.


How long will the flight last?

The first flight test of the Miura 1 will last about 12 seconds, half of which will be in microgravity conditions.


The measurements of the Miura 1

The Miura 1 is a 12 meter high rocket with a payload capacity of 100 kilograms with which PLD Space intends to provide its services to put small satellites into low orbit (LEO).


Follow the launch of the Miura 1 live

Huelva hosts a historic conference for Spanish science and aeronautics. The Miura 1 is going to be launched, the first reusable Spanish rocket created by the company PLD Space.

Follow him live:

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