The layoffs cost € 1,234 to 7 million workers – In the pockets of employees on layoffs in 2020 € 8.7 billion is missing, net of national income tax and additional regional and municipal taxes.

This is what emerges from an analysis conducted by the Labor, Cohesion and Territory service of the Uil which processed the INPS data of the authorized hours of wage supplementation on which the simulations were conducted.

Against approximately 4.3 billion hours of layoffs authorized in 2020, the 7 million beneficiaries lost, on average, € 1,243 net per capita per year.

Between salary reduction and missed accruals of thirteenth and fourteenth – explains Ivana Veronese, Uil confederal secretary – iIn two months, payrolls have lightened on average from 9.6% to 39%, depending on the hours of layoffs.

According to the study, it goes to the Lombardy the record for the greatest loss of net wages, equal to 25.5% of the national total (2.2 billion euros), followed by Veneto where redundant workers lose over 964 million euros net, Emilia Romagna (840 million euros net) and Piedmont (745 million euros net euros).

From the simulation made by Uil it emerges that an employee on layoffs for three months at zero hours (with an annual gross income of 20,980), between salary reduction and missed thirteenth and fourteenth installments, would lose 1,611 euros net annually; with six months of layoffs, the same employee would suffer a reduction of € 3,229 net per year, while with nine months of layoffs the reduction would amount to € 4,898 net per year; finally, with twelve months the reduction would be equal to 6,611 euros per year.

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“In more comprehensive reform of social safety nets – points out Ivana Veronese – that we are currently discussing, as well as the need to speed up and simplify procedures, it is necessary to keep in mind the issue of the revision of the maximum ceilings of the redundancy subsidy and their revaluation, set today by law, at 998.18 gross monthly euros for salaries lower than or equal to 2,159.48 and 1,199.72 for salaries higher than 2,159.48 euro “.

“In addition toraising of the ceilings – Veronese concludes – the revaluation of subsidies should be anchored to contractual increases and not only to the annual inflation rate which, as is well known, in recent years has recorded very close to zero “.



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