the ‘Lazio model’ looks to local medicine

by time news – The Lazio health system has given an excellent response in the vaccination campaign against Covid-19 with one average of doses administered which even reached 60 thousand per day bringing the region to be among the most virtuous in Italy.

In the great challenge of vaccination, Lazio has given excellent results respecting the national parameters from the point of view of the categories that had to be vaccinated and protected first: starting from health workers to move on to vulnerable and fragile subjects and then scaling to the population of school personnel and that of the armed forces and law enforcement “. He told the Paolo Ciani (Demos Solidarity Center), which chairs the cspecial commission on the Covid-19 emergency of the Lazio regional council.

“I must say, with pride, that it was done so that even those most marginal subjects of society were reached – added Ciani – I am thinking of those who had regularized themselves as home helps and carers but who had not yet received the documents from the Ministry of Indoor. A solution has been found for these categories.

In addition, gods have been set up specific vaccination hubs in agreement with the Italian Red Cross and the Sant’Egidio community to vaccinate even fragile homeless patients. Lazio has successfully pursued the concept that where people don’t get to or can’t get the vaccine we get to them “.

Vax & Go vaccine center at Terminal Three of Fiumicino airport

The Councilor for Health of the Lazio Region, Alessio D’Amato, inaugurating the new “Vax & Go” vaccination center for travelers departing and arriving at Terminal 3 of Fiumicino airport, he underlined the importance of reaching the entire population: “first with vaccination campers in small towns and now with first hub in an airport to facilitate vaccination, especially in younger groups “.

The goal set is to reach 70% of the double-dose vaccinated population in Lazio by 8 August.

Lazio model vaccine looks at local medicine

one of the vaccinated at the Terminal Three hub of Fiumicino airport

“With the inauguration of the” Vax & Go “vaccination center at Fiumicino airport, the Lazio Region has developed the‘latest innovative piece of a campaign that since the beginning of the year has seen us be an Italian and European model for the fight against Covid-19 – he told the Rodolfo Lena (Pd), president of the Health Commission of the Regional Council -. In Fiumicino it will be possible to have the vaccine before leaving for the holidays, an initiative that in the regional health strategy serves to reach as many people as possible, as already done with the campaign of campers that are reaching the squares of our municipalities, where it is possible to get vaccinated without reservation – Lena said -. We have reiterated it on several occasions, there is only one way to fight Covid: vaccinate as many people as possible.

The strategy developed by President Zingaretti and Councilor D’Amato goes in this direction and is achieving great goals, favorites in the last few days since the introduction of the Green pass. The booking numbers of the last few days are projecting our Region towards a coverage of 80 percent, which if achieved could represent a great success in the battle against this terrible disease “.

“We have data that reflect the great work done, starting with accessions to the Open days until the creation of vaccination hubs, which were the outposts of vaccinations – he continued Rodolfo Lena – the Cloud, for example, will close on August 30th but has already exceeded the 400,000 doses administered today, demonstrating the importance of hubs in the integrated regional vaccination system ”.

Lazio model vaccine looks at local medicine

© Minichiello / AGF

an elderly woman books the vaccine on the regional portal

“The special commission on the Covid emergency – he explained Paolo Ciani – is an analysis commission where we study what has happened since the pandemic began in our region. The intention is to hold more meetings and hearings and clarify the impact of Covid on several aspects: health, social and economic.

We need to know how we have reacted to understand which policies will need to be developed. It is interesting to evaluate the issue of local health: the so-called and famous Lombard model did not give a great answer. It turned out that where a more widespread and territorial healthcare has been left, rather than concentrated on large structures, the response has been more efficient”.

“Another reflection also concerns the theme ofand home care and health and social integration with telemedicine. This is a great issue for a region like Lazio which has many small towns – continued Ciani -. Apart from the first moments of difficulty mainly due to the procurement of masks, the Dpi, Lazio was able to immediately give a great response from the point of view of economic support.

We think that the Lazio Region has anticipated support and refreshment measures then taken at national level. Support for workers, supplementary funds, support for meal vouchers and rental vouchers has been implemented. There have been measures for immediate relief ”.

“Everyone can see the work that the Lazio Region has done to fight the pandemic. Of course everything is perfectible but there is no doubt that both from a health and economic point of view a great effort has been made to deal with an unprecedented emergency – he told Loreto Marcelli (M5s), vice president of the special Covid-19 emergency commission of the Regional Council -. The pandemic has made the need to strengthen public health and proximity medicine even more evident and urgent, something that as the 5 Star Movement we have always supported.

It is realistically unthinkable that in a few months we can revolutionize a model that has settled over the years, but the the vaccination campaign of the Lazio Region is already showing a new vision that sees public health as the protagonist and a greater presence of health points in the area “.

“For our part we have tried to do our part with one series of proposals aimed at optimizing health services in emergencies, such as the establishment of the Special Continuity Care Units (USCAR), with which home care is guaranteed for Covid patients with mild symptoms, and the Special Units of District Pediatrics (USPED) to offer, where possible, home care to younger patients with the virus – he added Marcelli – and then there is the dematerialized prescription also taken at national level with a provision of the Civil Protection, to reduce the contact, and therefore the risk of contagion, between general practitioners and patients and speed up the simpler procedures to the advantage of the most urgent, and the pediatric certificate of dematerialized illness to streamline the justification of the days of absence from school for cases of diseases with symptoms not attributable to Covid. Last, but not least, the reintroduction of the school doctor, financed with 3 million euros in the latest regional budget ”.

Lazio model vaccine looks at local medicine

© Maria Laura Antonelli / AGF

Vaccine Center in Cinecittà Studios

“All this to say that when it comes to tackling an epochal health crisis, such as the one we are facing, the priority is not the cultivation of one’s own party garden, but to make a common front to give answers and solutions to citizens’ problems – has stressed again Loreto Marcelli -. This has happened to the Lazio Region and I believe that the results are completely comforting.

If today the ‘Lazio Model’ is unanimously recognized as virtuous, the merit is not only of politics, but also and above all of the health personnel of our region who have spent tirelessly to tackle the pandemic. Our thanks must go to all healthcare professionals, as well as general practitioners for the role of liaison with the territory, which is important and strategic for a healthcare that places citizens at the center of the prevention and treatment processes “.

The Green pass wanted by the government will help to speed up the vaccination campaign also in Lazio which recorded over 150 thousand bookings in a week after the announcement of Prime Minister Mario Draghi.

“The government’s public position with the Green pass has given a further boost to bookings and we continue with the large-scale vaccination campaign – he concluded Paolo Ciani – we are worried about the return of the Delta variant but the Lazio health system is ready.

The pandemic crisis has shown us that these are common challenges that are won together, because the health crisis has had repercussions in every corner, from the economic one to that of social cohesion “.

“All this has been possible thanks to our public health system, which has proven to be at the forefront, and with the daily commitment of our doctors and health personnel – everything – highlighted the president of the Health Commission Lena -. But now we must also start looking to the future.

The Health Commission, which I chair, is giving support for initiatives in the field of prevention and has now also started a discussion on post-Covid perspectives.

The bill on active aging is also part of this framework, which aims to work on intergenerational solidarity and the contribution of the elderly, optimizing projects that will benefit from European and regional funding ”.


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