The legendary trilogy and other free games for PlayStation Plus and Xbox Games With Gold have been revealed

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Every month, PlayStation Network (or PlayStation Plus) and Xbox Live (and Game Pass Ultimate or Games With Gold) premium service subscribers receive free games available for download for an entire month, which can be played as long as they subscribe to the paid service. And this time: it’s time to fill in gaps, or be disappointed.

PlayStation Plus: the classic trilogy that even a month won’t be enough for you to finish

The most notable game of the month is Mass Effect Legendary Edition, and it includes a huge amount of content: the original Mass Effect, Mass Effect 2, Mass Effect 3 and more than 40 DLCs released over the years – all upgraded to 4K resolution (for PlayStation 4, but still). If you’ve never experienced BioWare’s legendary RPG where your every decision can affect the plot, now is the time. This game presents a huge and rich world with lots of characters and battles you won’t forget. If you already played the trilogy when it was originally released, this is a great opportunity to play the modern version.

This month we have another game being released directly to PlayStation Plus: Divine Knockout: Founder’s Edition. This is a platform-fighting game that reminds us of MultiVersus and Smash-Bros, but in 3D. Here too you will try to throw characters out of the arena, only this time you will play 1 of 10 gods such as Hercules, Thor and more. Is this the next hit that gets a PlayStation Plus boost like Rocket League and Fall Guys, or will it be a flop? We will find out soon. For dessert, we will also have Biomutant, a pretty weird open-world-RPG-kung-fu game where you play a type of rodent that is able to change its DNA and gain various mutant abilities to try to save or destroy the planet. The game received very mixed reviews, but has gathered a following, so it might be worth giving it a try and judge for yourself.

Xbox: Hope you like 2D Side Scrolling

Games With Gold users will this month receive the Colt Canyon, a Roguelike game with more Atari-y than modern graphics that received very positive reviews on Steam where you’ll have to think fast and shoot even faster to survive as you play a cowboy trying to rescue his kidnapped partner. You will use a gun and TNT to blow up the enemies and find various treasures and weapons. The second game you will get starting December 16th is Bladed Fury, which is also a 2D game, but this time in a Chinese style. You will play G, the princess who sets out to prove that she is not the killer they claim to be. The game received huge praise on Steam mainly thanks to tight gameplay and a very successful artistic style.


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