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According to biochemist Sarah Schwittala, 70 percent of all colon cancers can be avoided with a healthy diet. In an interview with the Suddeutsche, she explains which foods we should eat as much as possible – and which we should avoid altogether.

“With the right diet, we can reduce colorectal cancer by 70 percent. Colon cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death in the EU after lung cancer, and its development is strongly influenced by our diet. proper nutrition are reduced.”

According to Schwittala, the gut is extremely important for everything. “In addition to the brain and spinal cord, the gut is the most important nerve network in our body, with more than 100 million nerve cells. It is capable of directing complex medical processes and is in direct communication with our brain. Like the brain, the “The gut sends and receives biochemical signals via nerves. There are studies that suggest that the gut even has taste receptors that communicate with the brain and affect how we taste certain foods. The brain controls the gut and vice versa.”

“The gut microbiome, the gut flora — is actually an organ in our gut. Along with the liver, it’s the organ with the greatest metabolic output. It converts the energy it gets from our food into metabolites that our bodies then use. our digestive system is very dependent on how we use fiber – and that depends a lot on the microbiome. It has a huge effect on how we perceive food and how we feel in general.”

“Optimal is a plant-based diet made of whole grains, legumes, fruits, vegetables and nuts. These five food groups contain everything the gut needs, especially vegetable fiber.”

Animal foods, especially meat, increase our risk of colon cancer. Meat contains a lot of proteins, from which metabolic products are made that can cause mutations. Meat consumption also increases the risk of chronic inflammatory bowel disease. Red meat is especially harmful, but chicken also has this effect.
For the gut, the less, the better. At best, none at all. Studies show that vegetarians or vegans have the lowest risk of colon cancer, live longest and suffer the least from digestive disorders.”

Bron (nen): South German newspaper

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