The Letta-Salvini clash arrives on Draghi’s table – The tensions between the Democratic Party and the League arrive on the desk of Mario Draghi.

He is the secretary of the Democratic Party, Enrico Letta, to raise the issue during the interview, in which, first of all, the issues related to the government agenda after the definition of the Pnrr, with particular regard to prospects for the world of work and support for young people.

Ma from the Nazarene make it known that, together satisfaction with the timing and the contents of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan, the secretary stressed his and the party’s dissatisfaction with what he calls the “Salvini method”.

The most recent example of this method is the thrust brought by the Northern League leader with the petition launched to lift the curfew, in disagreement with the line chosen by the Prime Minister himself. A move that the ‘break’ in the Council of Ministers followed by a week, where the League ministers were abstained on the new Covid decree which established the road map for reopening.

“Unfortunately the Democratic Party is dissatisfied with the Salvini method “, Letta points out to Draghi, “and asks fairness and respect in the common commitment to support the executive “.

The answer of Matteo Salvini he does not wait: “The ‘Salvini method’ is concreteness“, he says:” Last night, for example, the proposals of the League on money for troubled separated parents, on the official recognition (after ten years of waiting) of the Italian Sign Language, on the abolition of the Rai Fee for bars, restaurants and hotels, on the funds for the Sports Associations. And in mid-May, if health data continue to be positive as has been happening for weeks now, there will be reopenings, a return to work, a restart and the abolition of the curfew. This is the ‘Salvini method’: loyal and proactive, we don’t deal with Ius Soli and we trust the Italiansi”.

The reference of Read to commitment and fairness he looks in particular at the phase that is opening up for the country and that the Nazarene defines as “reconstruction”. The proposal of the leader dem it is that of a great social pact based on the Ciampi model in 1993. But not only that.

The Democratic Party is busy for weeks in developing an overall proposal of intervention – and in this the consultations of the grassroots have also come in handy the through the vademecum – and the secretary dem brings his and his party’s ideas to the premier’s desk for phase 2 of the reconstruction which opens with the Recovery Plan, of which Letta appreciates “timing and content”.

In particular, the secretary mentions the three key themes of the Democratic Party. The work, with the tax deduction for new entrepreneurial activities and the de-contribution on new hires. Tourism, with the Italian Holiday Plan that the dem will present as soon as possible. And the young people which, for Enrico Letta, must be at the center of the reconstruction with specific commitments on home, occupation and a plan for post dad psychological support, post lockdown, post pandemia.

They are young people, Letta stressed, to have been the most marginalized during the crisis and this has done nothing but increase the discomfort.



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