The Lieutenant Governor of Delhi intervened; Jama Masjid withdraws entry ban for women

New Delhi: Delhi Jama Masjid has lifted the ban on women’s entry. The decision was withdrawn after the intervention of Delhi Lieutenant Governor VK Saxena. Women who come to the mosque alone or in groups are not allowed to enter.

Jama Masjid Imam Shahi Imam Bukhari announced that the decision was withdrawn. Strong criticism and protests arose after the news of banning entry to women. After this, VK Saxena Shahi had a meeting with Imam Bukhari. He asked Imam Bukhari to withdraw the decision. The decision was made based on this.

The mosque has decided to ban the entry of women, both alone and in groups, on the grounds that some immoral activities are taking place inside the mosque. A mosque is for prayer. But women who come here write their names and other details here. Apart from this, unethical activities have also been noticed. The explanation of the mosque was that the ban was imposed due to this.

But within seconds of the announcement of the decision, criticism started from various quarters. The Delhi Commission for Women had issued a notice in the incident, and the president, Swati Maliwal, had come forward with a public criticism.


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