The life of Mackenzie Scott, the ex-wife of Jeff Bezos, has been turned into a TV series

on “booty”

Available for viewing: Apple TV+
genre: comedy
Number of seasons: 1, renewed for season 2
Number of episodes: 10
Episode duration: 25-30 minutes
Creators: Matt Hubbard and Alan Young
Actors: Maya Rudolph, Adam Scott, McKayla J. Rodriguez, Joel Kim Buster, Ron Funchess
language: English
IMDB rating:
6.6 (7,100 voters)
Rotten Tomatoes rating:
83% (52 visitors)
57% (132 voters)

Already in the first episode of “Shell”, a comedy from Apple TV+ that aired this summer, the well-known question arises as to whether money can buy happiness. The same question hovers over the journey of the protagonist of the series, Molly Novak, who is played by Maya Rudolph, one of the most successful comedians in the United States today. Molly, who divorced her billionaire husband after discovering that he had cheated on her, receives 87 billion dollars as part of the divorce agreement, and tries to find meaning in her life through financial help to those in need. In her new life she learns to combine luxury and philanthropy, and to deal with the gap between her life as it is reflected on the outside and how she really feels.

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Plot summary

On her 45th birthday, Molly discovers that her husband (Adam Scott) is cheating on her with his young secretary. With the end of the divorce proceedings, she goes on a party trip around the world. After him, she receives a phone call from Sofia (Makayla J. Rodriguez), the CEO of the charity fund that Molly founded, and forgot about its existence. Molly decides to get involved in philanthropic work, but finds it difficult to combine work life with her old habits, which include flights to Miami and daily spa treatments. On her way The special one, full of good intentions but lacking in awareness, Molly has a positive effect on the organization and its employees, and also manages to restore her image – from a broken, betrayed shepherd she becomes a powerful woman.

Reviews from around the world

“‘…’Spoils’, which is Mackenzie Scott’s story in many ways, needs Maya Rudolph to succeed, and she is indeed amazing here… Is this a Met series? Sort of, but she does enough to make us care about her characters. At the end, a more radical voice is heard Jokes about spas and private jets, while maintaining her delicacy and grace.”
(Rebecca Nicholson, “The Guardian” 24.6)

The context for reality

According to the “Hollywood Reporter” magazine, the creators of the series based the plot on the story of Mackenzie Scott, the ex-wife of Jeff Bezos, the founder and CEO of Amazon. As part of their divorce agreement in 2019, Scott received Amazon shares worth $38 billion, Almost half of the amount specified in the series, but still enough to put her on the list of the richest women in America in 2021. Like Molly, Scott also channeled her fortune to philanthropic work. In August 2021, it was published in “Bloomberg” that she donated about 8 billion dollars to welfare organizations, education, Health, religion and more.

3 things you should know

● The home of the Novak family in the series is a mansion in Bel Air in Los Angeles, known as “The One”, which was designed by architect Paul McClain (who also designed the homes of Beyoncé and Jay-Z and fashion designer Calvin Klein). According to “Forbes”, it includes 21 bedrooms and 42 bathrooms, covers approximately 100,000 square meters and is considered one of the largest residential properties in the US. In March of this year, it was purchased by Richard Sagian, CEO and founder of the retail site Online Fashion Nova, for 141 million dollars.

● In the third episode, Molly is a guest on Hot Ones, a real YouTube show, where host Sean Evans invites celebrities to answer questions while eating spicy chicken wings. The main star of “Spoils”, Maya Rudolph, testified that she will never eat spicy chicken wings, but that she enjoys playing a woman in this situation. Rudolph also participated in a sketch on Saturday Night Live, in which she impersonated singer Beyoncé as a guest on Hot Ones.

● By the way Beyoncé: one of the outfits that Molly wears in the series is a recreated outfit of the singer from her joint music video with Jay-Z: Apeshit, designed by “Loot” costume designer, Kirsten Mann. Mann worked with Rudolph on two additional series: “The Good Place” (aired on Netflix) and “Arims All Night” (aired on Hoot), and between the two a close friendship developed. Rudolph testified about Mann that “she understands comedy through costumes.”


During the season, Molly gets involved with Arthur (Nat Paxon), one of the employees of the philanthropy organization, a divorced man and a simple person, but despite the tension that built between them, they did not spark a relationship. Another suitor is Jean-Pierre Walland (Olivier Martinez), a philanthropist who develops a romantic-business relationship with Molly, and finally embarrasses her when their joint invention fails on stage at an international conference, and they separate. Molly ends the season in bed with her ex.

Why did we choose her?

The dialogues, the characters and the situations are a bit generic, but under the surface there is a good plot about a woman who comes out of the fear of wealth in her 40s, and discovers that money is not everything. Maya Rudolph demonstrates extraordinary comedic abilities, and they are what keep the series going. It is evident that her connection to the character of Molly is natural, and that is what mainly captivates the viewers.

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