The Likud primaries: the drama continues over 70% of the votes have been counted

Likud celebrates democracy: Yesterday the 110 polling stations opened and the Likud primaries started. The party officials chose their preferred candidates for the 25th Knesset by 22:30. 58% turnout and almost 80,000 voters. After counting 80% of the votes, it seems that Yariv Levin and Yoav Galant take the first places while the former speaker of the Knesset and number 2 in Likud, Yuli Edelstein, remains behind. Knesset members Tzachi Hanegbi and Gila Gamaliel are out of the picture. The full results will be published during the day.

As of 11:45, this is the list of the Likud party (according to the data of Nehemiah Nachshoni Eyalho):

1. Benjamin Netanyahu

2. Yariv Levin

3. Eli Cohen

4. Yoav Galant

5. David Amsalem

6. Amir Ohana

7. Yoav Kish

8. Nir Barkat

9. Miri Regev

10. Avi Dichter

11. Shlomo Karai

12. Mickey Zohar

13. Israel Katz

14. Armor

15. Danny Danon

16. Armor

17. David Bitan

18. Haim Katz

19. Eliyahu Rabivo (representative of the Shefala district)

20. Galit distal Atbarian

21. Lior Lesri (representative of the Galilee and Emekim district)

22. Shalom Danino (representative of the Negev District)

23. Yuli Edelstein

24. Boaz Bismuth

25. Tali Gottlieb

The knitted contestants are leading in Yosh and Jerusalem districts

Avichai Bovaron, a resident of Amichai who is running for the Yosh slot in the Likud primaries, maintains a large gap against the former head of the Samaria Council, Gershon Mesika. The former member of the Knesset, Amit Halevi, takes the first place by a wide margin compared to the other contestants for the Jerusalem District slot.

Ohana: There is the real sovereign here in Likud and they are the ones who function

According to the results of the Direct Polls sample conducted for Channel 14, which was conducted using a digital system and published yesterday, it emerged that Yariv Levin and Amir Ohana will head the Likud list. Last night (Wed) leading members of the Knesset were interviewed for Kippa News.

One of the candidates who upgraded his place on the list is Knesset member Amir Ohana. After the results of the sample were announced, the member of the Knesset said: “God bless and we are waiting for more members, here is the real sovereign in Likud and he is the functionaries.”

In an interview with Kipa News, Yariv Levin indicated his main goal is to win the upcoming elections: “We will wait patiently for the final results, I don’t want to comment at this stage, I can say one thing, the Likud has demonstrated tremendous strength today and I am taking all this energy to win the elections.”


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