The looks from Milan Fashion Week in September

The looks from Milan Fashion Week in September

2023-09-24 23:29:04

The most important accessory at this Milan Fashion Week was the umbrella. While the Gucci show was moved from the street to a hall due to bad weather, Diesel held its open-air event outside despite heavy rain. This gave the event something unintentionally apocalyptic, which was something else.

Maybe it was the weather; Street style enthusiasts were comparatively rare. However, the increased accommodation prices may also have been to blame – as many people travel to Milan specifically for Fashion Week to have their photos taken on the streets. But no fashion week, no matter how humid, can take place without street style, especially not in Milan. There were plenty of photo opportunities this season too.

After a successful walk at the Sportmax show, this model’s mood is exuberant. Sabine Röthig

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The Russian stylist Lotta Volkova works with the who’s who of the international fashion industry. Among other things, she styles the models at Miu Miu shows. She appeared at the Prada show with an iPhone, a leather dress and glasses from Miu Miu as well as shoes and a bag from Prada.Sabine Röthig

Guram Gvasalia also came to see the Prada show live and made a phone call. The Vetements maker (here in a black leather coat from Prada) is currently happy to dish it out against his brother, Balenciaga creative director Demna. Sabine Röthig

There were fewer crazy costumes like this to be seen than usual. Maybe it was the rain? Sabine Röthig

But there are umbrellas.Sabine Röthig

A visitor to the Prada show wears a long, white skirt with floral appliqués from the current collection. She cheekily gathered her sweater into a crop top, which is great to recreate at home. In the middle of the picture, a lady is wearing the padded mini from Prada, which is available to buy this winter. You always have the seat cushion with you, which is practical.Sabine Röthig

Here too, a white floral skirt is paired with a cashmere sweater.Sabine Röthig

The next rain shower hits the Fondazione Prada. If you don’t have an umbrella, just wear a hat.Sabine Röthig

Make-up artist Lynsey Alexander did the models in the Prada show. The delicate brown tone on this lady’s eyelids reveals that she has just been seen on the runway. In the background you can see patiently waiting fans of the K-pop band Enhypen, who caused a lot of hysteria.Sabine Röthig

Taxi, taxi – please come. Sabine Röthig

Does the hairdresser get double money for this hair? Sabine Röthig

And what is being whispered here? Sabine Röthig

Vesma has an umbrella and spare shoes with him so that the leather soles of the precious Prada pumps are not damaged by the rain. Vesma lives in Oslo and is an author who writes about fashion and architecture. The OMA sets from the Prada shows are a recurring theme for her.Sabine Röthig

First fitting for the Bally brand, then a short break.Sabine Röthig

A viewer of the Sportmax show swings quickly from the area.Sabine Röthig

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Quiet Luxury: Here you wait until things start. Sabine Röthig

Oversized blazers and coats, bare legs and delicate high heels – this combination is the trend of the moment. The lady on the left is doing everything right. Sabine Röthig

A chat after the show is only possible if you don’t have to move on straight away.Sabine Röthig

Serious fashion facesSabine Röthig

But not everyone is as withdrawn as you can see here.Sabine Röthig

These two guests at the Sportmax show are also in a good mood: Sabine Röthig

This beautiful model is certainly booked for many shows.Sabine Röthig

Okay, let’s go now. Because the Gucci show is about to start. But first, an e-cigarette.Sabine Röthig

A windy fun, soon it will rain again.Sabine Röthig

poses at the warning sign; professional influencers book photographers for Fashion Week in order to have the perfect content.Sabine Röthig

The streets of Milan are perfect for stylish social media content.Sabine Röthig

Many guests and photographers traveled from Asia.Sabine Röthig

This lady is on Corso Venezia. Her job: Influencer.Sabine Röthig

A dress by a Cologne designer is made to flutter directly at the cathedral: Sabine Röthig

This gentleman has nothing to do with Fashion Week, but he still looks chic.Sabine Röthig

This colorful group also doesn’t care about the fashion bubble. You can also stage your own spectacle. Sabine Röthig

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