The Maccabi Tel Aviv players looked like a random and panicked collection

The Maccabi Tel Aviv players looked like a random and panicked collection

1. We were really not happy with the draw, but it was hilarious to see Eran Zahavi commit suicide on a corner kick in the last minute, not in order to “shine again in the favor of his friends” and celebrate in front of their faces, but simply to cement the runner-up and claimant to the crown from losing to a team whose player budget Not even a fifth of what the Zionist from Canada pays.

And it was not for nothing that Maccabi was defined here as “claimant to the crown”, and it was not for nothing that the derby in which they were happy about the draw was mentioned. In both cases the opponent interrupted the opponent’s early championship celebrations, in both cases it was when no one even expected a draw, and in both cases no goals were scored. And you are right that then it was in the penultimate cycle, and today we have not yet reached twenty. However, that’s what you tell the Maccabi fans who celebrated this week on the networks, and have already booked Park Yarkon and a table at the waiters’ at ‘Matyim Vashes’.

2. And there is another difference between the two derbies. In that famous derby, the one whose joy, ironically, was premature, Maccabi wasted time, standing, and rightly so for her, a bus and an armored car in the square, almost did not pass the halfway point. In this derby, in which we were like dreamers, we were better than the Goldhars, certainly in the second half, and precisely the party of the last week was revealed, for the most part, as a random and panicked collection of players in yellow.

Maccabi Tel Aviv players are disappointed at the end (Radad Jabara)

And if a study of the lineups of the two teams at the beginning of the game brought up the sad conclusion that at Maccabi all the players are scary, while those of us who meet this definition, they also scare us only, at the end, great Haim Sylves, we were left with a sour taste in our mouths. It could actually have been nice if Zahavi had managed to score from the corner kick he was rushed to in the last minute. So we were happy.

3. I too, one of the last “protectors” of the Nisanov brothers, broke a few weeks ago. On my Facebook page, contrary to my custom, I called the Nisanov brothers, if only for the sake of their father’s memory, and although they have no obligation to do so, to put their hands in their pockets, otherwise we will be relegated. You can’t say that the Nisanov brothers completely listened to my advice, because not bringing a goalkeeper instead of Marinovic is worse than selling a match, and with all due respect, Montenegro and Acre, who less and who more, are known more for their beautiful beaches, and a little less for football.

Sharon and Itzik Nisanov (Shahar Gross)Sharon and Itzik Nisanov (Shahar Gross)

On the other hand, after Silves stabilized the team, when an unusual decision to place Keltins next to the excellent Gottlieb turns out to be a brilliant one, that the preference of Dor Alo on the right side turns out to be a wise move, and that of bringing Azoulai back from the frost is still to be seen, the Nisanovs are probably done investing in Hapoel forever. With God’s help they will finish the adventure without debts and with the fact that they, and this cannot be forgotten, really saved the group from disbandment. Much more than Zahabi saved Maccabi today in the last minute.

4. As someone who has experienced quite a few surprises and U-turns regarding Hapoel in particular and Israeli sports in general, and because shouters have a goal ahead of them, and because we were born pessimists, I will not be calm that the team has been sold. I will not rest until I see one of the Americans who look like brokers from The Wolf of Wall Street, in his box in Bloomfield, or flying with the players to training camp.

Hapoel Tel Aviv's purchasing group (Shahar Gros)Hapoel Tel Aviv’s purchasing group (Shahar Gros)

On the other hand, what is reassuring is the thought that there are not many clubs in the world that are at such a low point, certainly in relation to their potential. In short, you can be a little optimistic, and let me quote the great Hapoel fan my friend Meir Puterman, who, I believe, has watched more Hapoel games than him. “It can be successful, but we need patience, also from the fans.” “David Meir” is right, the question is what will brother Fuad say.

5. We opened the column with a mention of gratitude, and apostasy in the favor of a friend, and since we try not to lack this quality, allow us to thank the state champion for taking two points from our competitor in the relegation battle Maccabi Bnei Rayna. We are also sure that the fans and people of the champion thank our players for making Maccabi settle for a draw. A good week to Yaakov Shahar, the noble soul, the man of Israeli football, and I’m sure you would have preferred that Hapoel win the derby in football this week and not the one in basketball.

Franzi Pierro and Chiron Sherry are disappointed (Omari Stein)Franzi Pierro and Chiron Sherry are disappointed (Omari Stein)

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