the magic of a palindrome day-

Palindrome that text (ex. corner bar in Bologna), that word (ex. aniline) or that date which remain unchanged read from left to right or from right to left. Today, February 12, 2021, a palindrome day if 12 02 2021 is written. A somewhat magical day for those who believe that some arcane mystery is hidden behind the numbers, only a little more particular than the others for everyone else.

The differences

It is easier with words than with dates, also because the latter have limited possibilities: for example, there is no day 33 of the month. It also depends on how the dates are written. In fact, not all cultures write them in the same way, we use the day / month / year notation and here too there are differences because, for example, May 1st can be written 1/5 but also 01/05 or 1/05 or even o1 / 5. evident that any palindromic days will be different. Then other peoples write the dates differently. In the United States it is customary to put the month first, so February 12 becomes 02 12 2021, which is no longer palindrome. The most striking example is the day of the attack on the Twin Towers, which we know as September 11, in the US as 9/11, which among other things is also the number of 911 emergency calls, while in Italy 112 (February 11? December 1?). Others put the year first, then the month and finally the day: today then 2021 02 12, which is not palindrome. The palindromy of the dates therefore depends on the format in which they are written.

An ancient story

For the ancients, who had already discovered in the third century BC. C. palindromy in words, palindrome dates were practically impossible. The Latins for February 1 wrote I kal feb, which can hardly be palindromized. One thing for sure: written in European or American style, not all years have palindrome dates. There are those who also took the trouble to calculate how many palindrome dates can exist: from the beginning of the Christian era to the year 10,000 there are 366. The next? On February 22, 2022, it will be a Tuesday.

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