“The majority is not Orthodox”: A confrontation between ministers could lead to a crisis in the coalition

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The Western Wall storm: The outline approved by the government in 2016 and allowing youth to allow reformers, conservatives and women in the coalition to pray in separate plazas in the Western Wall, is causing friction within the coalition. Finance Minister Avigdor Lieberman promised earlier this month after the budget transfer that he would promote the Western Wall layout soon, after the layout had been frozen for a long time. Against the background of his renewal, today (Saturday) the Minister of Religious Affairs, Matan Kahana, addressed the news in “News Here”, and said: “Other currents should not be allowed to run the Western Wall.”

“Unfortunately, there is now a campaign by a propaganda machine that is trying to make the Western Wall the most divisive and divisive place among Jews in the State of Israel,” the minister said. “We must not let this machine divide us. The vast majority of the Jews in the Land of Israel are Orthodox Jews. It is not right to give control of parts of the Western Wall to currents that are not from the absolute majority of the Jews in the Land of Israel.”

Matan Kahana (Photo: Flash 90)

Kahana then referred to the fact that the ultra-Orthodox voted in favor of the outline in Benjamin Netanyahu’s government in 2016: “There was an outline that was preceded by Netanyahu, agreed in silence among all the players. I do not support this outline, we need to see how the wars are resolved once and for all.”

“I think that matters of religion and state should be resolved in one piece when there are mutual concessions on both sides. The quarrels around the Western Wall should be ended, without giving one or another control to the currents that constitute a very small minority in Judaism,” he added.

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MK Gilad Karib of the Labor Party responded to Kahana’s remarks, saying: “If Kahana wants to advance his reforms, he should also be more attentive to the other positions of the coalition partners.”

Karib added: “Minister Matan Kahana forgets that most Jews in Israel are not Orthodox, but secular and traditional, and the vast majority support the Western Wall outline and other compromises in matters of religion and state. The government and its guidelines. “


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