The man who set fire to my pall was trampled to the ground – Antony Varghese

The man who set fire to my pall was trampled to the ground – Antony Varghese

The man who set my pallak on fire was trampled to the ground: Antony Varghese

Antony Varghese is talking about his experience when he went to the church next to his house for the festival. Anthony said that the problems started after two or three children went to ask about the alamp.

Antony said that in the meantime, someone came and held a knife to his stomach and he was scared and unable to do anything. Anthony said that some people who arrived there helped him and they kicked the person who put the knife to the ground. He said these things in an interview given to Mirchi Malayalam.

“When I went to the nearby church for the festival, two or three pillars came there and made a lamp. We said, “Let’s dance with some of the boys from this side.” We told them that because there were sisters nearby.

Both are boys. They are often seen playing football. But then another boy came. Just seeing him will scare you. He has great size. Eda asked why. I said that we play football together.

In the middle of talking, Machan, who came with me, took a knife and held it at my palla. My hands and feet are shaking. I was scared thinking what kind of pandara this is.

By the way, we have big brothers right there. Necessarily, they are brothers with programs. A dude saw this in it. Pulli came and looked and saw me holding a knife. Then he kicked the man to the ground,” said Anthony Varghese.

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