The manual that tells how the fabrics we wear are born

What are the clothes we wear every day made of, what are the fibers and how are they dyed and treated to become a fabric, what the technologies and processes used to get from the fiber to the finished garment! ?

The manual “Technology. Innovation. Sustainability. Knowing textile materials ”, deals with all these topics with simplicity, trying to clarify a very complex and constantly evolving matter.

In the first volume of the manual, published last year, Paola Ungaro described the processes that lead from fibers to the creation of yarns and therefore of fabrics, giving an account of how a millenary technique has evolved and refined over time to the present day. The second with which the author concludes the path is now out, illustrating in detail the processes carried out and the technologies used on the yarns and fabrics in order to transform them into clothing.

Dyeing and printing techniques, natural dyes and synthetic dyes, digital printing, laser printing, 3D printed clothing, recyclable fabrics, upcycling, textile certifications; these are some of the topics covered in the new volume, with a constant eye on the most recent innovations and the theme of sustainability.

Using a long experience in the field as a fashion designer and as a teacher of “technology of textile materials” and using a simple and understandable language even to the layman of the material, the author describes in detail the various types of textiles and the techniques used for finishing. dyeing and printing, then focusing on textile certifications, whose knowledge is essential to decode and consciously choose products and materials, and finally introducing “garment” finishing techniques, such as “garment dyeing”, that is, those treatments that are carried out directly on ready-made garments, whose history, like that of the “stone washed”, characterized, in the 70s, in “made in Italy”.

Insights into sustainability, innovation and “smart textiles” offer interested readers and in particular students, new “eco-fashion designers”, an updated overview of the most recent developments in the sector and its prospects.

fabric production manual

The volume is embellished with numerous images that allow an immediate representation of the subject matter, facilitating its understanding, and ends with an extensive bibliography and sitography to support those who want to deepen the topics.

“Technology. Innovation. Sustainability. Knowing textile materials 2 “certainly addresses the audience of students of the Academies and Universities of Fashion, who have to deal with a subject in constant evolution, but also to a wider audience who wants to acquire basic knowledge on the materials we wear every day.


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