For the first time in Sicily a school is equipped with the figure of the Head of Communication. This is the comprehensive institute “Guglielmo Marconi” of Licata (Agrigento), led by the principal Maurilio Lombardo. “Since July 2016”, after a serious health problem “I have questioned myself, I have studied rules, researched, studied and Communication together with the infinite supports for innovative, experimental teaching activities have motivated me – says the new Head of Communication , Annamaria Milano – After two years of temporary design experimentation, (in concert with the head teacher and his staff) with the organization of interactive supports, guided projections and collaborations with RaiRagazzi, RaiScuola, bodies and associations such as Proteus and Cepell, I turned looking beyond and carrying on this new working adventure: from March 2021 I am responsible for the Didactic Support and Communication of my institute. The disease, therefore, as an opportunity to evolve, to move forward is to believe in it again ”.

“The communication and didactic support activity resumed with the DanteD day which motivated the students guided by the teachers to create Divine digital interactions as FuturaDante and Muse Sicilia have indicated – he says – The production is published on the Instagram profile of the institute “.

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