the mask is useful even if it is not mandatory

the mask is useful even if it is not mandatory

The Spanish Society of Epidemiology encourages not to rule out the use of the mask in certain circumstances and asks that it be seen as a public health tool, beyond covid-19, although the Government has abolished its mandatory nature in transport

In a note, the epidemiologists position themselves in this way on the day that the Government eliminates the obligation to wear a mask on public transport and health establishments such as opticians and orthopedics, although it will be necessary to continue using it in health and social health centers, in pharmacies and in medicine cabinets

The Minister of Health, Carolina Darias, has raised to the meeting of the Council of Ministers this Tuesday the reform of the royal decree that regulates the use of a mask approved in April 2022, with which Spain will be the last country, after Germany -which it did so last week-, to put an end to its mandatory use on trains, buses, subways, planes and other transport.

Epidemiologists: when the mask is recommended

Experts assure that the mask continues to be especially recommended for people who have respiratory symptoms compatible with covid-19, the flu, colds, and other respiratory infections.

“This practice, common in other countries, responds to a matter of individual responsibility and respect for the health of others, since it reduces the risk of a sick person infecting those around them,” the epidemiologists point out.

The mask is also recommended for vulnerable people, with a higher risk of developing serious diseases, such as the elderly, pregnant women and people who have cardiovascular diseases, cancer or immunosuppression, among others.

continue vaccinating

The Spanish Society of Epidemiology highlights the importance of the recommended groups continuing to be vaccinated, since vaccinated people have less risk of becoming infected and presenting serious symptoms if they contract covid-19.

Finally, the scientific society recalls that measures such as maintaining ventilation in closed spaces and washing hands are effective in protecting against covid-19 or other viruses.

Patients and nursing ask for prudence with the mask

Along the same lines, the Platform of Patient Organizations has asked this Tuesday that “vulnerable people are not forgotten” and calls for prudence “given the time of year in which we find ourselves, very conducive to the increase in respiratory infections”.

They also asked for caution, after learning about the measure, from the College of Nursing, which recommends continuing to use the mask in those cases in which there are any symptoms of respiratory infection, be it covid, flu or other conditions.


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