Marcus B. was probably not wearing a mask when he entered a supermarket in Lichtenberg in June 2020. When an employee of the shop pointed out to him that he was only allowed to enter the shop with a mouth and nose protector, the 31-year-old is said to have shown the man the Hitler salute and hit and threatened him.

That is why Marcus B. should answer to the Tiergarten district court on Friday. The public prosecutor accuses the man of using unconstitutional license plates, assault and threats. There is said to be one other charge that should be heard. But the defendant’s place in the hall – next to his defense attorney – remained empty. Marcus B. stayed away from the process without an apology.

The judge then issued a penalty order against the 31-year-old. Marcus B. now has to pay 160 daily rates of 15 euros each. It was announced on the fringes of the proceedings that the man should not be a mask refuser out of conviction. Rather, alcohol and drug problems would have led to the acts. Marcus B. is said to have been drunk and his blood alcohol level was around two per thousand.

He now has the opportunity to appeal the penalty order. Then there could still be a hearing before the district court. If the accused fails to appear at the trial again, the penalty order becomes final.

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