The mayor’s team? You vote in a poke

twelve o’clock, July 10, 2021 – 08:06

Dear manager,
regarding the electoral campaign for the administrative offices, I noticed that in Rome the aspiring mayors present their own team. They indicate, as with the presidential elections in the United States, a deputy and the professionals who will be involved in their government. It seems to me a right idea, which could protect the voters from surprises. Thank you if you would like to tell me your opinion and I invite your newspaper to continue to inform us about programs and candidate profiles. time to choose and do it consciously.
Grace Lucignano

l’Far America. In politics as in many other things. Of course, not everything that happens overseas should be taken as a model but, in this case, it would be desirable that the example be followed. It seems superfluous to tell you it won’t happen, I guess you already know. The simple reason: each candidate will be supported by at least four or five lists (some will even exceed ten), let alone if they will ever be able to reveal in advance the identikit of the people who, in case of victory, will join them at Palazzo San Giacomo. They would risk losing consensus and triggering a network of vendettas that would see the leaders of the vote in the front row. Better to stay within the fence of the obvious, promising to give life to a high-profile junta, rich in skills, as if someone could ever swear to choose inept and mediocre for government roles … Too bad that then the inept and mediocre us are always. So, take some advice: do like me, resign yourself. Neapolitan politics, I tried to explain it yesterday in an editorial, shuns ideal choices in the name of electoral convenience. You will see, when the fateful lists of the various candidates are made known, inside you will find everything and the opposite of everything: disabled and marathon runners, painters and cavers, mathematicians and bongo players. I am ready to bet. Honestly, I know very little about the scenario of Rome but what little I know pushes me to harbor a certain mistrust of agreements drawn up, if anything, so as not to displease an ally rather than to imitate the style made in the USA. Ideas walk on men’s legs. Which unfortunately are shaky here. And they don’t support its weight. For quite a while now.
Enzo d’Errico

10 July 2021 | 08:06



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