The media announced the involvement of hackers from Russia in the attack on the Colonial Pipeline

The attack on the American company Colonial Pipeline could have been carried out by a relatively recently created group of hackers from Russia, Darkside, according to CNN.

The channel’s source noted that this group, as a rule, does not commit crimes on the territory of Russian-speaking countries. According to NBC, the Russian authorities had nothing to do with the attack.

Colonial Pipeline is the largest operator of the pipeline network for the supply of gasoline and diesel in the United States, due to a cyberattack, it was forced to shut down part of its systems. The company is currently working on rebuilding its systems. She has already hired a third-party cybersecurity firm to investigate. She also contacted law enforcement agencies and other federal agencies. The company promised to minimize delays in the delivery of petroleum products to consumers.

The company said that its systems were infected with a ransomware virus. As noted by Bloomberg, in such attacks, hackers close access to the computers of the organization, and then demand a ransom in order to reopen it. Recently, the threat of cyber attacks against critical US infrastructure has grown, prompting the White House to develop a plan aimed at strengthening the security of such facilities.

The first phase of the plan, announced on April 20, is aimed at eliminating security holes in the electrical network in the United States, and then similar work will be carried out at facilities in other areas, including gas pipelines and water supply systems.



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