The media reported on the visit of “Kadyrovites” to Georgia » News from Belarus – latest news for today

The media reported on the visit of “Kadyrovites” to Georgia » News from Belarus – latest news for today

2023-06-05 09:48:32

The Georgian opposition TV channel Mtavari published video footage of a motorcade of cars with Russian license plates seen on a highway near the village of Natakhtari. Later, a photo of those same cars, taken in Batumi, was published on social networks.

Social media users write about the visit of “Kadyrovites” to Georgia. It is reported that a car with the same numbers can be seen in the businessman’s old Instagram post. Aslanbeka Akhmetkhanovawrites “Echo of the Caucasus”.

Akhmetkhanov is the owner of the Yug-neft company. In 2020, he was sentenced to a year of probation for illegal banking activities. Sources confirmed Akhmetkhanov’s connection with the underworld. It was reported that he was a Chechen authority named Damn.

In April 2020, the head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov, the mufti and high-ranking officials of the republic came to Aslambek Akhmetkhanov and reprimanded him for drinking alcohol in the company of women. Akhmetkhanov apologized on the air of the state television company.

Speaking to Akhmetkhanov, Kadyrov demanded that the businessman tell about the purchase of some weapons. Kadyrov also recalled how the son of Akhmetkhanov staged a brawl during the Russian championship in freestyle wrestling.

It is not yet known whether Akhmetkhanov himself visited Georgia. The Georgian authorities have not yet commented on the information discussed in social networks and the media.

According to Mtavari, the Kadyrovites were in Georgia for several days and have already left the country through the Georgian-Turkish border.

According to the Kavkaz.Realii website, the alleged trip of Ramzan Kadyrov’s entourage to Turkey was also announced on May 31 in the Chechen opposition telegram channels. A day later, the commander of the Akhmat Kadyrov Police Regiment, Zamid Chalayev, posted a screenshot of the Concorde De Luxe Resort hotel in Antalya, Turkey, marked on the map, presumably hinting at his presence there.

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