The medical cannabis company “Unibo” will supply its products to “Maccabi” patients nationwide

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With the signing of the agreement, Unibo products are available to over 75% of licensed patients in Israel, after the company won a procedure conducted by the Moore Institute for Clalit earlier this month in which the products are similarly available to over 49,000 Clalit patients.

Company “Unibo, Which deals with the development, production and supply of medical cannabis products, has signed an agreement with Maccabi Entrepreneurship and Management of the Maccabi Health Services Group, under which it will supply its products at a reduced price to patients licensed by Maccabi. Medical cannabis patients “Unibo” at a reduced price nationwide will be contacted by “Unibo”, and in cooperation with the “Medi-Pharm” pharmacy in Holon, which is owned by “Unibo”.

The agreement with “Maccabi” joins the process in which “Unibo” recently won the same value as the “Moore” Institute for “Clalit”, for the supply of medical cannabis products to its patients. With the signing of the agreement with Maccabi, Unibo products will be available at a special price for over 75% of the licensed patients in Israel: 26,296 patients with licenses at the Maccabi Health Insurance Fund join the 49,243 patients at Clalit. This is about 75,500 patients. Out of about 100,000 patients in Israel.

CEO and founder of Unibo, Golan Bitton“Unibo continues to establish its position at the forefront of supplying medical cannabis products to patients in Israel. Now the company’s products will be available at a special price to about three quarters of all patients in Israel. We are proud to lead the market and make products accessible to patients.”

Recently, Unibo also won a prison service tender for the supply of medical cannabis oils. As part of the win, the company will supply IPS clinics with its products. The company also recently received approval from the medical cannabis unit at the Ministry of Health to import about half a ton of raw materials in the T20 category or more from a Canadian brand. % Of the market already in the coming year.


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