the middle class collapses to 27% –

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The landslide of the middle class, which has gone from almost 40% in the pre-pandemic to 27% today; the growth of social tension, which is smoldering under the ashes but which meanwhile has risen to 73% and could explode at any moment; the fact that women are the true (and unrecognized) Italian welfare system (61% against 21%); fear (28%) and expectation (33%) are the two dominant feelings of the moment, followed by two other negative impulses such as disappointment (24%) and sadness (22%); anger boils in 13% of people, while serenity, dynamism and passion each animate 5% of public opinion. These are the most significant numbers, out of a sample of 1000 people representative of the Italian population for each question, which emerge from the Ipsos-Flair 2021 Report presented on Wednesday 17 March 2021 at the CNEL by president Tiziano Treu, Nando Pagnoncelli and Enzo Risso, president and scientific director Ipsos.

For President Treu, the scenario outlined by the Ipsos Report, which also emerged from the documents presented by Cnel in recent months to Parliament and the Government, forces us to run and make up for lost time. Millions of entrepreneurs and workers, especially women and young people, are waiting for answers that are slow in coming. The prospects of social and personal recovery from the wounds of the pandemic are more complex than the processes of mere economic reconstruction and therefore require equally complex measures of protection and human promotion so that the epochal transition underway is effectively right and not limited to innovating in the choices of economy, but knows how to help people to sustain the impact of economic and technological innovations and to benefit from them.

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