The Ministry of Digital Development will create criteria for including banks in the list of accredited IT companies

By the middle of summer, 2022 the Ministry of Digital Development wants to develop criteria for inclusion in the list of the accredited IT companies of the Russian banks and universities, the head of department Maksut Shadayev said, speaking at the TAdviser SummIT conference. According to him, this will help to avoid discrediting the support measure for the IT industry, which involves receiving a deferment from military service.

“Initially, the accreditation service was provided automatically. It turns out that any company can add the required OKVED and get into the list of IT companies, which allows its employees to receive a deferment from the army. This situation should be changed and the accreditation procedure should be reviewed,” Shadayev said. Most likely, two requirements will appear for banks and universities – the share of IT specialists in the total number of employees and the share of IT spending, he added.

According to the presidential decree of March 2, 2022, Russians who work in companies accredited by the Ministry of Digital Development are entitled to a deferment from conscription until they reach the age of 27 for the entire period of work. The deferral procedure was specified in a government decree dated March 28, 2022. In April, the Ministry of Digital Development service began to work, through which companies can issue a deferment to employees.

After the announcement of new measures to support the IT industry, the number of applications for accreditation in the register of IT companies has increased dramatically, a representative of the Ministry of Digital Development said in early May. “If earlier, on average, about seven applications were received a day, now there are more than 250,” Vedomosti’s interlocutor specified then.

Earlier, the chairman of the Central Bank, Elvira Nabiullina, said that the agency supports the recognition of banks as IT companies and will continue to work with the government in this area. The Bank of Russia believes that “banks, which, in fact, many are becoming IT companies, which have a huge number of IT specialists and are among the most advanced in the country in terms of information technology, and the potential for the development of new technologies here is very high.”


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