The Ministry of Digital Science asks to extend the term for the development of the information supersystem “Gostech”

Officials explain the extension by the desire to integrate new participants into the project, while experts explain the technical and administrative problems faced by Sberbank, which is creating the system.

The Ministry of Digital Development has prepared a draft government decree extending the experiment to transfer departmental information systems to a single Gostec platform until December 31, 2023 (Vedomosti has read it). It was originally supposed to be completed on May 31, 2022, it follows from the current version of the decree. The official goal of the experiment is to determine the time frame in which departments and regions will create their own information systems and integrate them into Gostech. The extension of the experiment was caused by the future transfer of existing state information systems to Gostech and the creation of new ones, including the Physical Culture and Sports platform (GIS FKiS) of the Ministry of Sports, the Ministry of Digital Science explained.



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