The Ministry of Health announced the destruction of meat in a supermarket in Holon

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About 120 kg of meat and fish products were destroyed during the inspection

The Ministry of Health announced that on Monday, 11/22/2021, an inspection was performed by an authorized veterinarian – Government, Holon, certified by the Veterinary Unit of the Ministry of Health, at the Super Copix – “Little Switzerland” supermarket at 84 Sokolov Street in Holon.
During the inspection, serious sanitary deficiencies were found at the site, as well as meat and fish products that are not fit for human consumption, which could be harmful to human health.

At the direction of the veterinarian, about 120 kg of meat and fish products with severe organoleptic changes were destroyed.
The handling of animal food, its storage and marketing without the conditions required by legislation and without consistency, may be harmful to public health.
The Ministry of Health and the local authority will continue to take enforcement action against the business.