The Ministry of Health approves Biocad clinical trials of a new vaccine against COVID-19

On July 26, the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation authorized Biocad to conduct clinical trials of a new vaccine against coronavirus, which is being developed in Russia.

As stated in the materials of the register of research permits, the purpose of work for Biocad is to “assess the safety and immunogenicity” of the drug from COVID-19. The vaccine is noted to be “recombinant vector viral based on AAV5-RBD-S”.

Permission was granted for Phase I and II trials, which will be carried out on the basis of two medical organizations with the participation of 360 patients. The permit is valid until the end of 2026.

Biocad acts as one of the manufacturers of Sputnik V, and is currently developing a BCD-250 drug based on rAAV, a recombinant adeno-associated vector.



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