The Ministry of Industry and Trade announced plans to limit the speed of electric scooters to 25 km/h

Federal State Unitary Enterprise NAMI, the Department of Transport of Moscow and the Ministry of Industry and Trade are developing a standard so that all electric scooters, unicycles and gyroscopes imported into Russia have a speed limiter of 25 km / h pre-installed by the manufacturer, an automatic deceleration function in parks, and a satellite tracking system, Kommersant reported with reference to the Ministry of Industry and Trade . The document is currently in the process of approval.

The main requirement of GOST is the ESIM speed limit of up to 25 km / h, which the manufacturer will have to set. This requirement applies to electric scooters at the rental, and will now apply to devices in stores. The satellite system will forcibly limit the speed of the scooter in certain areas, such as parks. The device will have a “pedestrian mode” function at a speed of 6 km / h and a “distinctive and visible light signal”. Also, the standard will establish requirements for starting and braking the device, tires, headlights and markings.

The Department of Transport of Moscow said that every year there are more and more ESIM in the city. Speed ​​limits are already in place for kickshare services, and the adoption of the new standard will make travel even safer for drivers and bystanders. The press service of Yandex.Go reported that they were aware of the development of the standard, and expressed the hope that the final version of the document would take into account best practices with an emphasis on security. The Whoosh service is convinced that GOST needs to be further developed and made more detailed.

According to the Scientific Center for Road Safety of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, in 2021 there were 672 accidents with ESIM – 67.5% more than in 2020. As a result, 20 people died and 704 were injured. In 10% of accidents, electric scooters of kicksharing services were involved, and in 5% of accidents, scooter drivers were drunk.


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