The Ministry of Industry and Trade sees 44% of the telecom equipment market as Russian

The target indicators of the Ministry of Industry and Trade are reflected in the presentation “Growth points in the electronic industry of the Russian Federation”, provided to “Vedomosti” by the head of the department of the radio-electronic industry of the ministry, Vasily Shpak.

In 2019, the share of Russian equipment sold on the domestic telecom market was 20% of the total volume of 510 billion rubles. By 2025, the entire market will grow to 830 billion rubles, the Ministry of Industry and Trade estimates. At the same time, the volume of sales of Russian telecom equipment should triple – up to 360 billion rubles, which will be adequate to the share of 44%.

The profile department of the Ministry of Industry and Trade plans to achieve these goals by managing end-to-end projects. “This is a set of measures, including the development and organization of the production of radio-electronic products, including the creation of embedded software (software), adaptation of existing software and the launch of products on the market,” Shpak explained to Vedomosti. An additional department is being created to manage end-to-end projects in another department – the Ministry of Digital Science. It will be headed by Alexander Ponkin, Vedomosti wrote.

Consortia should conclude “agreements with ministries, in which they agree on roadmaps for specialized areas of activity, including product segments, and the ministries, for their part, will“ build sectoral regulation in such a way that these product lines through a system of end-to-end projects are organically introduced into the relevant industries “Shpak explained to Vedomosti.

The share of Russian products in the total market volume depends on the implementation of initiatives to stimulate demand by introducing a minimum share of purchases of Russian equipment, unification of technical requirements for purchased equipment and other work in the field of regulatory and legislative regulation in favor of Russian manufacturers, the executive director of ANO TT told Vedomosti Anna Yanchevskaya: “The task of market participants is to fill the register of electronic products and increase the level of localization of domestic solutions and improve the procedure for assigning the status of domestic equipment, including through the development of a new point system to increase requirements for the level of localization and stimulate investment in the development of domestic electronic components”.

According to Yanchevskaya, the practice of end-to-end projects will allow, by 2025, to create a group of promising domestic equipment with Russian electronic components and guaranteed sales markets.

The Ministry of Digital Industry, for its part, is already providing regulatory support to domestic manufacturers of telecom equipment, for example, through a ban on the construction of fifth-generation communication networks on foreign equipment (as a result of which 5G networks are not yet being built in the Russian Federation). In particular, in October 2020, at the Vedomosti Telecom-2020 conference, Deputy Minister of Communications Oleg Ivanov said that according to the provisions of the Digital Economy national program, 5G networks will be built mainly on domestic equipment, while its development will be subsidized by the state. In November last year, the government approved a roadmap for the development of fifth-generation networks in Russia, according to which the total budget required for the development of technology by the end of 2024 is 208.13 billion rubles. At the same time, according to the competence center based on Skoltech, by 2023 operators will spend 5-10 billion rubles on the purchase of Russian 5G equipment, and the total cost of 5G infrastructure over 10 years will be about 0.7-1 trillion rubles. …

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Mobile operators have repeatedly stated that they are ready to introduce domestic equipment if it meets quality standards. “We are ready to build networks on any equipment that will meet our technical requirements and will be selected within the framework of competitive procedures,” press secretary Anna Aibasheva explained earlier the position of VimpelCom. – If it is domestic equipment, then we will only be glad, as we are maximally interested in reducing the foreign exchange component in the cost of the equipment we use. But first and foremost, it must meet the needs and demands of our customers. “

So far, Russian companies do not meet all the needs of telecom operators. Now, over 80 manufacturers are represented on the civilian market of Russian telecom equipment, and the list of products with a confirmed status of “homeland” includes about 500 items, a significant part of which are produced by Rostec enterprises, says a representative of the state corporation.

“Among the competitive Russian equipment, one can mention broadband access equipment, switches and routers, equipment for radio relay communication lines and professional radio communications,” says a representative of Rostelecom. – A number of promising equipment with localization until 2025 is now in end-to-end projects developed by PJSC Rostelecom together with ANO TT, such as equipment for optical backbone transport networks, Leaf / TOR data center switches, aggregation / access switches for mobile and fixed line “.



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