The Ministry of Internal Affairs explained the participation in the rallies of adolescents with curiosity

In Russia, 464 teenagers participated in uncoordinated protests in 2021. According to the deputy head of the main department for ensuring the protection of public order of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Maria Koltsova, the department conducted a survey among them to find out their motives. According to her, 60% of respondents participated in the protests out of curiosity. Ms Koltsova did not specify exactly how many teenagers reported political motives for participation.

The survey, according to Ms. Koltsova, took place in August 2021, “when the events subsided.” “For information, 464 teenagers with the greatest protest activity took part in the actions … More than 60% out of curiosity, 17% – for a company with friends, but there were those who wanted to participate in the political life of the country, almost 2% wanted to earn pocket money” , – she said at a round table meeting in the Federation Council (quoted by TASS).

Six teenagers interviewed by the Ministry of Internal Affairs said that they are ready to participate in uncoordinated protests in the future, they are “under our special control,” said Ms. Koltsova. She stated that 80% expressed a complete refusal to participate in them, and almost a fifth are not sure of their actions.

The most large-scale uncoordinated actions that took place in 2021 until August were the January actions in support of the politician Alexei Navalny. The video, in which the editors of the student magazine DOXA urged students not to be afraid of expulsion for participation in the protests, was the reason for accusing Armen Aramyan, Alla Gutnikova, Vladimir Metelkin and Natasha Tyshkevich of involving minors in actions dangerous for them.



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