The Ministry of Transport proposed to introduce benefits for owners of electric cars and hybrid cars

The Ministry of Transport sent recommendations to the regions on “stimulating” the use of electric and hybrid cars, which propose to introduce a system of benefits for their owners: reduce the transport tax rate or cancel it and allow free travel on toll roads, Kommersant reported with reference to the document.

The ministry also proposed organizing parking lots with charging stations, taking into account the opinions of the owners of such cars and “power grid” opportunities. In the formula of the Ministry of Transport, it is proposed to take into account the climate coefficient: thanks to this, fewer parking lots for electric cars will be created in Yakutsk, Krasnoyarsk and Tyumen than in Sochi, Krasnodar and Crimea. In areas of public and business development and gas stations, it is proposed to equip at least 10% of parking spaces with chargers, and in residential areas where owners of electric vehicles live, all places.

The Ministry of Transport did not comment on the recommendations. The Department of Transport of Moscow reported that more than 100 new stations are operating in the city, and several dozen charging stations are connected. Electric car owners can use the stations for free. There are special places next to them where it is forbidden to park ordinary cars. Deptrans plans to install another 150 stations by the end of this year, as well as open special “electric hubs” with fast and slow stations and ultra-fast stations for electric buses.

The Energy Committee of St. Petersburg said that more than 500 electric vehicles were registered in the city and 82 charging stations were installed, by 2025 they plan to install another 80 stations. The committee believes that, taking into account the existing vehicle fleet and the prospects for its expansion, such infrastructure will be enough. The press service of the government of the Leningrad Region noted that they had approved an action plan to stimulate demand for electric cars and an infrastructure development plan for them.

The government of Crimea said that the timing and measures to implement the recommendations of the Ministry of Transport are being adjusted due to a change in the leadership of the Ministry of Transport of the region. Previously, it was planned to install 125 fast chargers for electric vehicles on the peninsula by 2024.


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