The mission of the Ministry of Ecological Transition explained by Cingolani – The action of the Ministry for Ecological Transition will be aimed at three distinct focuses: “the protection of nature, the territory and the sea; the ecological transition; the interdependence of the climate and energy challenges”. He explained it the Minister of Ecological Transition, Roberto Cingolani, in hearing at the assembled committees Environment and Productive Activities of the Chamber and Industry and Environment of the Senate on the programmatic lines of his ministry.

“The new mission of the ministry – he pointed out – is therefore a mission that integrates and permeates the aspects of environmental protection in the perspective of sustainable development and the aforementioned ecological transition “. In addition, he continued,” the structuring of the ministry’s competences must therefore express the complementarity and interconnection between the issues of environmental protection, climate protection, energy and sustainable development “.

The Ministry of Ecological Transition will pursue environmental policies, in the knowledge that, in the era in which we live, we also have to face an environmental debt, not just an economic debt “, the minister said.” We are already burdened by an environmental debt incurred in the past decades, the amount of which will be increasingly difficult to recover, if we do not act in time “.

The administrative machine of the ministry of the ecological transition “requires strengthening in terms of human resources, especially with technical skills and international experience, and technological equipment, he explained later.

As regards the strengthening of human resources, Cingolani said, “the insolvency procedures in place – slowed down due to the pandemic – which provide for the acquisition of technical officials, expert international cooperation officials, administrative officials and managers will continue. launched an integrated digitalization plan adequate to the functions and the complex of activities of the new organizational structure “.

On the recovery front, Cingolani then observed: “The governance of the NRP is a critical factor. At a time when one extraordinary reconstruction effort, the country must have a system of authorization procedures that drastically raise the implementation results of public intervention projects and incentives and simplify intervention and private partnership “.

According to the minister, “the ‘Genoa model’ represents an example of virtuous governance and the ability to express the most generous energies and the highest professionalism in times of difficulty. It is not the only one, certainly, but we will need the best administrative skills to guarantee, in addition to the obvious and essential transparency and correctness, the equally essential effectiveness and respect for the times dictated by the European agenda and the sense of duty towards future generations. .



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