“The ‘moderate’ mafia does not exist”, recalls Rita Mattei whose novel ‘Ninna nanna, una storia d’amore e di mafia’ is published

“The ‘moderate’ mafia does not exist”, recalls Rita Mattei whose novel ‘Ninna nanna, una storia d’amore e di mafia’ is published

It is inspired by true stories “of love and the mafia”, as stated in the subtitle of “Lullaby”, authored by Rai journalist Rita Mattei, special correspondent of Tg2 and Tg3, where she was editor-in-chief of the national news. She notes her investigations into the mafia, Camorra and ‘Ndrangheta.

“Through the story of this woman I wanted to tell the story of the massacres, complicities, betrayals, misdirections. Seen through the eyes of Cosa Nostra – the author explains to time.news – My protagonist grew up on bread and the mafia. She did not she knows another world beyond that. She waited eleven years for her boyfriend to come out of prison, she married him and followed him into hiding. After the massacres of ’92, one of her brothers decides to collaborate with the state. trusted man of the godfather of Cosa nostra. A betrayal that can only be washed away with blood”.

She then wonders about the reasons that may have prompted him to “become a cop”. She begins to ask herself more and more questions, she seeks answers that often don’t arrive, she writes so as not to forget. And she finds the courage to go all the way, to confront the unspeakable. She realizes what her life is, how disturbing her universe full of contradictions is: “a husband in love, affectionate, caring, but capable of ordering murders, it doesn’t matter if the victim is ten or eighty, if he is guilty or not. A religious man in his own way, who reads the Bible and goes to mass, but is involved in the kidnapping and murder of a child, the son of a repentant”.

Does Carmelina, this is her name, realize that the ‘good mafia’, the one she was told as a child, was just a fairy tale? “Yes, how is a fable, the one invented more recently, of a ‘moderate mafia’ someone talks about – concludes Mattei – Cosa nostra is Cosa nostra. Period. My protagonist knows it. She knows how she will never be able to realize her dream, to become a mother. Her miscarriages are a punishment for her guilty silence”.


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