The more Goldhaar’s voice is not heard, the more Maccabi disappears

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For three weeks, the management of Maccabi Tel Aviv worked on one thing – to lead to a situation where Bloomfield Stadium would be as full as possible for the game against Lask. The 12,000 spectators who came last night (Thursday) to watch the 1-0 loss against the Austrians, are perhaps the main thing that Mitch Goldhaar should look at this morning. The Conference League is a gift enterprise for the Yellows, a convenient place to achieve ranking points and achievements in the international arena. Last night it was not a failure, because the failure had already started a long time ago. Last night it was just a cause and effect. The crowd did not come because he feels his club has lost its way. His team lost to an opponent from 11th place in the Austrian league, because despite the changes that Barak Yitzhaki made, in the end it is impossible to sew deep cuts with a band-aid.

As long as Mitch Goldhaar’s voice is not heard at all in the face of the latest situations that occur in his club, the powerful and great Maccabi Tel Aviv he built disappears. The deterrent no longer exists, the winning character is no longer there, the 89th minute last night is the embodiment of all What’s wrong with Maccabi Tel Aviv of recent times. A club that seems to have just lost its way when it comes to the professional side (appoint a coach!). If Barak Yitzhaki has to coach Maccabi Tel Aviv for the fourth time since the dismissal of Patrick Van Leven, after a 20-day break, and will probably continue to stand on the lines in the upcoming games, then what is the wonder that it will end like this?

Yitzhaki: We were better, taking responsibility

Maccabi Tel Aviv will be in the playoffs of the Conference League at the end of February, it will have a very difficult opponent there and will most likely be relegated. It was also probably eliminated in the quarterfinals of the conference, no one thought otherwise, For her next game session with four more rating points and about two million euros more. Long live the huge difference. Began to try and challenge Maccabi Tel Aviv.

She handed out presents in the first half that when Maccabi Tel Aviv distributes, she takes three balls out of her net. The automatic for the quarterfinals.How surprising (or not) that this goal was just a replica of Osher Davida’s goal from the derby.Again a ball floating in the air, again Luis Hernandez missing it, and a player running all the way to subdue Daniel Peretz.

Naive, loser, wayless, everything correctly describes Maccabi Tel Aviv this season. You can continue to review the mistakes, you can go back to the decisions made in the summer on certain players, you can wonder for example why the professional manager of the club plays again with three brakes In a team built to play 4: 3: 3, and what does that actually mean for all of its summer, but all of that would be too big a discount for Mitch Goldhaar and Jack Angelidis. The owner who enjoys the widest defensive umbrella there is. For many years for a real joke, which no process they tried failed, and changed his face completely. He raised the standard and engraved on his banner a very simple motto: “Running a marathon and without shortcuts.”

But in less than a month it will be a full year since Georgios Donis was fired from Maccabi Tel Aviv. It has been 330 days since then and Maccabi Tel Aviv does not have a coach until this moment, whose profession is to coach football (a real startup). Patrick Van Leven was the director of a youth department who was moved to the position. Barak Yitzhaki is a sports director who has been brought down to the lines. There is no more shortcut than that, this is a piece of retirement from the marathon. Not taking advantage of the three-week break to appoint a coach is an inexplicable farce. The Yellows received a big gift here like the Conference League. Three full weeks to complete a process that started another week before, but failed.

Here, let’s say, it is no longer possible to incite the fire to other places, since it is known that decisions regarding the coach fall to Goldhaar and Jack Angelidis. So the Canadian may not be looking for the man himself, but if his representative is unable to deliver the goods, then what exactly is this whole organization worth when it comes to choosing one of the most significant positions in a football team? I asked this question the YitzhakiIs Mitch Goldhaar really still committed to Maccabi Tel Aviv, because the feeling lately is no, and so he replied: “Mitch is very committed to Maccabi Tel Aviv, believe me. Mitch, both Jack and I work very hard. “To find a coach but not everything depends on us and we hope to find the right coach who will come and take this team forward.”

But now Maccabi Tel Aviv is entering a month full of games. Every three days there will be a game and even if the hard work that Yitzhaki talks about will yield an appointment in the coming days, the coach who arrives is about to step into an almost impossible situation and recent games prove that the problems the coach. Until the desired correction is achieved, it can be estimated that a championship fight will no longer be within reach, and in such a situation is about to amount to a fight over Europe next season.

The bottom line is that Goldhaar must at least make his voice heard. To send a message, to try and convey that the issue is under control, if not to physically come to Israel himself, then explain for yourself how this thing happened. A 45-second video that will be distributed on the club’s media, a kind of symbolic act that does not require too much of it. This is the minimum that reaches the large audience of Maccabi Tel Aviv. After all, the loss against Lasek will somehow be forgotten in a few days, but the bad smell that accompanies this entire season of Maccabi Tel Aviv, no.


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